Nadia Jawad, a Muslim student and aspiring surgeon, has been named University of Michigan’s student of the year, as reported by the Arab American News.

Jawad, an Arab woman, expressed disbelief when she was nominated for the honor by the Michigan Daily, the campus newspaper. However, her extensive involvement in campus activities made her nomination unsurprising. The award is granted annually to 12 out of the university’s over 43,600 students.

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A muslim student named as University of Michigan's student of the year 8

Jawad co-founded Books for a Benefit, a student organization dedicated to promoting literature in at-risk communities. The group has conducted outreach efforts to assist Detroit Public Schools students and has worked with Syrian refugees online. Currently, BFB has chapters in five Michigan colleges.

Upon learning of her selection as Student of the Year, Jawad initially questioned if it was a joke, expressing her surprise and gratitude to The Arab American News. She attributed her interest in literature to her lifelong passion for reading, emphasizing its role in broadening perspectives and enhancing education.

Jawad, a public policy sophomore, focuses her studies on public health and disease prevention, aiming to address social justice issues on campus. As an aspiring surgeon, she aspires to work in low-income communities to improve healthcare accessibility.

In her limited free time, Jawad enjoys spending time with her family and exercising. Her advice to younger students is to remain resilient and not let others’ doubts discourage them. She encourages aspiring individuals to capitalize on available resources and support networks, emphasizing the importance of determination and belief in oneself.

A muslim student named as University of Michigan's student of the year 9