Ahmed Pandit-the Hindu head Priest who is inviting People to Islam

Ahmed Pandit-the Hindu head Priest who is inviting People to Islam

Ahmed Pandit -The Hindu Head Priest who is inviting People to Islam.



Ahmed Pandit or Acharya sanjay prasad duwedy

Ahmed Pandit was Previously Known as Acharya Sanjay Prasad Duwedy. I happened to listen to his lecture when I was at School and his findings of similarities of Vedas and Quran had influenced me greatly. I remember to have distributed clips of his lectures to my friends and although school students are hardly spiritual to listen to a religious lecture,many of those who listened to the clips found them really amazing.Islam is a religion which is suffering the worst attack of misunderstanding.People are judging Islam with the cherry picked news they see in television but the real face of Islam is different which is confirmed by the fact that despite all odds,Islam is the fastest growing religion and anyone studying Islam through Quran find it really amazing.

See: Dr GaryMiller who studied Quran to find fault in it and ended up writing a book-“The Amazing Quran”.

Who is Ahmed Pandit?

Ahmed Pandit was the shankracharya or the head Priest who was previously known as Acharya Sanjay Prasad Duwedy.He hails from Kabalpur,Madhya Pradesh(India) and was born in a hindu Brahman family in 1972.

He got his education in banaras  gorkul vishwvidhyalya where he mastered 4 vedas, 18 puran,mahabharat,purana,upanish palmistry, and sanskrit.

At the age of 15 he was appointed as head priest of Birla group of temples and was also the president of All India Brahmin’s Association for 3 years.

He attained the status of “Acharya”, the highest degree in the teaching of Hindu Vedas / dharma. In One of the Speech,he said that he was near to become one of the head of the 4 Peets (like Kanchi Sankaracharya).

He says in his speech that he thanks Allah to guide him to Islam.Talking  about his journey to Islam,he remembers his escape from gokul.

The Boy whose words Influenced him to study about Islam

Ahmed Pandit was influenced by the Strict observation of prayer of a fellow Muslim student at the school.The Imaan of Imran,the school fellow sparked his Interest in Islam. (Ahmed Pandit used to attend regular school for a brief time to give the board exams). The school in which he studied was  very strict one with rules. If anybody came late for example for 5 minutes he would receive 5 beats. There was a boy called Imran who used to be late for about 20 minutes in the afternoon and used to receive 20 beats daily.
Taking pity on him Ahmed pandit asked Imran why he always delayed his classes.Imran replied that he delayed his classes because it coincided with his prayer times.Ahmed Pandit was shocked.He asked Imran why he didn’t pray to his God after returning from School or at least in the early morning.
Imran replied ,”Panditji, You can control your God, you can keep him at house, office etc. and offer pooja at your convenience but we are controlled by our God.If I don’t offer prayer at the established time, I will be punished in the next world. The punishment, of this world is nothing for me compared to the punishment of the next world”.
Ahmed Pandit said that this set a spark on him, which ultimately led him to Islam.
He said on one occasion that he visited Imran’s house, where he saw Imran’s father praying. (Imran’s father was not a common man. He was chief justice of Bhopal) . Ahmed Pandit said that despite his position where he could have easily amassed his wealth by bribery,he led a simple life, staying in an ordinary one bedroom flat. He was also conducting Dars-E-Quran to his collegues, advocates and other professionals at his home).

Ahmed pandit saw Imran’s father reading Salah and asked if what was the Yoga hevwas doing to which he replied that,it was not yoga but Prayer.

Ahmed Pandit was shocked again as it was the first time he was seeing a different form of prayer .The prayer where there was no God to be seen.He said to Imran’s father,” Don’t make fun of me uncle, if you were praying to God, where is the God, there is nothing in front of you, it is just the wall. We used to pray in front of God, who is colorful and well decorated”

At this point Imran’s father said nothing he asked Ahmed Pandit, “do you know Hindi well?”, Ahmed Pandit replied that he was proficient in Hindi and Sanskrit. Imran’s father gave him a copy of Quran with Hindi translation and told him to go through it.
After the exams were over, Ahmed Pandit returned to his “Gurukul” and he said there was a private area which was only reserved for the student . No one could enter there without permission. There he took his time and went through Quran.

He said that after exams,he used to sit and study Quran in a private student zone of Gokul.He took his time and went through Quran.
He said that while going through Quran many bell rang within him.
He came across many words which were exactly matching the Vedas he learned, specially the word “Muhammad, Ahmed”. (He said that while teaching the Vedas his teachers said that Ahmed in the Veda refer to Krishna , a clear lie…)
He said the words of Imran “The punishment of this world is nothing in front of the punishment of the next world”He kept on repeating that in his mind and finally he decided to escape from Gurukul and become a Muslim, which he ultimately did.

After leaving Gurukul,he began his study of Islam He did an year research on Islam and joined an year course on Islam offered by jamea Darul Salam,tamil nadu.Islam influenced him so much that later he decided to become an Alim so he joined the 6 year Alim course-dawah tabligh and became an Alim.

His lectures are available in You tube where he points out the similarities between Islam and Hinduism and how Vedas talks about One God,about Muhammad and about Islam as the final religion .

You can listen one of his lectures here.May Allah open the hearts of People towards Islam and save all of us from the punishment of disbelief.


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