poem on repentance on laylatul qadr

A poem on repentance on Laylatul Qadr


A drop of tear in my eyes

 poem on repentance on laylatul qadr

A poem on repentance on Laylatul Qadr

A drop of tear in my eyes
And there are many tear drops like it
that has already fallen.
But my heart is at unrest-
It questions me if Allah will accept?

I look down
And say to my heart,
My sins are many
But my Rabb is merciful.

My heart is insincere,
But my Rabb is Ghaffur.
My Rabb is merciful.
Yes, He is Ghaffur

Stop O heart,Don’t fear,
My Rabb is merciful and he is near.

My Rabb My Rabb
You are near. I know you are near.

Allahumma Innaka afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fafu anni
O Allah, You are forgiving and love forgiveness so forgive me.

Ya Allah, Make my toungue moist with your zikr
Ya Allah erase my sins as if they were never written.
Ya Allah, I ask for taufeeq
I am like a child who begs for his needs
You are the giver and I am in need
You never disappoint a beggar in need.


allahumma innaka afuwwun-ramadan reflection poem
A poem on repentance on Laylatul Qadr

Ramadan reflection

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  1. Azim Zahir

    Very heart touching. May Allah accept.all our prayers and repentance and guide us to His straight path.

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