Can you get a Perfect Score in this Super easy Hajj Quiz

hajj quiz

Who Built the Kaaba ?

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What is the act that states your intention to Perform Hajj?

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Which direction is Tawaf around the Ka'bah made?

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What is considered to be the most important part of the Hajj? Standing in Arafah

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What is the lesser Pilgrimage called ?

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Who should you hire if you need help in Hajj ?

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Which Day of Islamic year does Hajj begin?

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How many times did the Prophet Muhammad perform Hajj?

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Reading Salah in Hateem is like reading Salah inside Kaaba

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Hajj can be Performed at anytime of the year

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Hajj and Umrah Quiz
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Masha Allah ! You have a good Knowledge, Keep checking us Part 2(Intermediate level ) Hajj Quiz to be uploaded Soon .
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