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Different kinds of Dates to buy from Medina ?A guide to buy the best dates.


Worried about the nutritional value and the Shelf life of dates ?Here is a guide to buy the Best Dates  

We often have a question in mind as to which dates to buy and where to buy them.
This guide will tell you where to buy the good quality dates and how to identify different dates.Make sure to bookmark how to Identify real “Ajwa” date from the imitation ones.Hope you get the best of  dates.
So Let us start.First Let me give you a brief introduction about the dates:

Different kinds of Dates -How to Identify them :

Learning about the different kinds of dates prior to buying them will help you in buying the dates of your choice.There are different consideration for different People when they Want to buy dates.Let us see which dates are more superior in quality,and how does these dates taste.


The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Ajwa dates are from paradise.” [Tirmidhee (2068) he said hasan Saheeh and it was authenticated by Shaikh al-Albaani].
Referring to eating seven Ajwa dates, the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “He will not be harmed by anything until he reaches the evening.” [Saheeh Muslim (2047)].

  • Best of all dates
  • High Medicinal property
  • Costliest
  • Tastiest

Read about the health benefits of Ajwa Date and how it can be used to treat various health issues.

Read About some Special recipes of Ajwa date which are very useful in Cardiac problem and healthy skin.

Tips to Identify real Ajwa dates:

You need the best product right,Here is a tip to identify real ajwa dates from imitations:Yes,there are also “imitations” or some are sold as an inferior quality dates and “conned” to the customers as “AJWA dates” To know whether its AJWA, look closely at the dates. There are very fine white line which is not present in imitation dates.Look for a little soft dates,the old dates may be a little hard to touch and may be infected by worms.Ask the vendor if you can try the dates,If on splitting the dates,you find little brownish stuffs,it is not a good sign.Move on to find a fresh juice ajwa date.

Amazon also delivers Ajwa Dates .You can get them Here

You can get original Madinah Ajwa Dates  from  Medina store which delivers worldwide.Some of their dates are:


Safawi dates are characterized by their dark black color and its long form and medium size. It is simillar to ajwa dates in terms of its taste and delicacy. The palm tree of safawi is characterized by its productivity and this is what makes safawi dates more available and easy to get at any time as opposed to the rest of the other types. But, although it is available, it remains among the best types of dates in the kingdom and the most needed. Requests on this type increases each day since it is one of the best high quality and the most beneficial dates for the human health.

This Date too can be Purchased from Madina. or from Amazon.

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are also known as the “crown jewel of dates” in reference to their elevated position. They are also known as a “soft” date. It is dried and wrinkled outside, but sweet and sticky inside.The fruits are usually categorized as soft, dry, or semi-dry in reference to their texture and taste. Soft dates are usually considered to be the most exquisite in part because of how much harder they are to grow, as well as how much more susceptible they are to loss by birds and insects.

When you take a bite of these Delicious Date you feel the taste of a caramel. In fact it taste so much like caramel that it’s hard to believe you are eating a fruit And I tell you If you are a chocoholic you would like to Substitute those Caramels with thse Highly Nutritious Dates that has tremendous Nutritional and Healing Property

You Can buy Medjool dates in different Packaging from Amazon . Check it Out 




  • Fruit dark red in color, rectangular in shape
  • A trusted date
  • Not so  delicious
  • Expensive for the beauty of its appearance.Second costliest.
  • Smell good,
  • People buy it to gift as it looks and smell good although it is not so delicious as others when tasted
  • Available Online.



Sukkari dates have a blonde gold color and a fresh, sweet pulp. On the market they are often harvested late and thereof dry.It is eaten fresh.Sukkari dates are the only wet date in North America and are harvested before they become a dried date and freshness is maintained through temperature control.

  • It is a A date for diabetics
  • Delicious in  taste,
  • High in  price,
  • Can be saved in a freezer,
  • Sweetness is superfluous to their name

If You want them,Check it out here



  • Fruit with a thick cylindrical shape,the top flat edge of a prominent yellowish red.
  • Light yellow in color, turn to a brown when it  ripes
  • Eaten fresh
  • Soft and sweet
  • Another option of delicious dates
  • Doesn’t stay for long,eat it soon




  • Is one of the commercial varieties excellent desired in the market
  • It retains flavor good when stored for a long time.
  • Good for long term storage
  • Tastes good
  • Not so sweet
  • Resistant to draught,can be wet stored or chilled
  • Price a bit high




  • soft
  • very dark date
  • lack of fiber,easy to eat ,good for sick and old
  • price is ok
  • Taste is good


  • Holwah (Halawi) (Arabic for sweet) — these are soft, and extremely sweet,
  • small to medium in size.
  • Taste good
  • Cheap


  • one of the most famous palm cultivars in Saudi Arabia, famous for its sweetness level that is not high nor low,
  • suits most people. Its fruit is called Khlas.
  • Taste good
  • Price is not high
  • An overall best variety in all terms

You may also like to try the very famous Medjool date. Although you do not get this date in Madina. But If you live in UK and US ,you must try it .

Different types of Packaging of Dates :

Dates are available in different packagings.But all dates do not taste the same.You can check over the packaging the name of the dates.However let me first tell you about the different types of packaging available.

  1. Bulk Dates packed in ( 20 , 12 , 10 , 5 , 4 )kg. Carton.
  2. Loose Dates packed in Styrofoam Boxes & Plates in different sizes (250gm,500gm,1kg,2kg)
  3. Dates packed in Bamboo Baskets, Brass Plates, Wooden Plates, Fancy gift packs in different sizes and shapes.
  4. Dates Paste line.
  5. Dates Packed through Thermoforming Machine.
  6. Dates packed in Vacuum Bags (250gm,500gm, 1kg,2kg).
  7. Choco Dates Line (Dates Stuffed with Almond and coated with Swiss Chocolate).
  8. Dates Halgoum (Special Mix of Dates Paste with assorted Nuts).
  9. Dates Toffee (Dates Stuffed with Almond).
  10. Pressed Dates in Tin Cans & Blocks.


Where to buy the Dates in Madina?

Ideally when you have learnt about the different types of dates,it won’t be a much problem for you to buy dates from any market in Saudi Arabia.However We would suggest you to buy the dates from Madina.As Madina has dates farm and dates market which produce good quality dates.

1)Medina Date Market:

The famous central date market of Madinah is called Souq Al Tumor. It already exists many years and is always busy. It has become a major attraction with foreigners as dates from Madinah are famous worldwide.
On the market are about 150 different varieties of dates being sold. All the dates on the market have the finest quality and a supreme taste.
The Madinah date market is located a few minutes walking distance from Masjid-e-Nabawi (The Prophets Mosque)

2)Market Behind Mosque Quba

buy dates from date farm madina


There is a nice market behind Masjid Quba, and you can buy good quality dates from any of the market here.

3)Masjid Nabawi

There are in numerous stalls near Masjid Nabawi and you can also buy from there. But beware of identifying the dates and check fot its quality prior to buying.

4) You can even buy the dates online

There is a website which sells dates online and offer dates at cheap and discounted price.You can check them at : Medina date Store.

Buy from Amazon


Hope you have enjoyed reading this.The delicious mouthwatering dates are a favourite among the non muslims too.So next time you visit madina, get good quality dates and also share with your friends and relatives and remember me in your Dua.

Jazak Allah Khairan.

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On December 1, 1992, Aamir reached Ayodhya to join thousands of kar sevaks coming from across the country. On December 6 that year, according to Aamir, he was the first man to climb the middle dome.

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”The singer, who has long captivated audiences with her views on Irish life, spoke about reading the scriptures as a child and later exploring other religious texts “trying to find the truth about God”. She left Islam until last because she held her own prejudices about the religion, she said.

Ref :”The Sun”

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world's oldest rural mosque

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“The discovery of the village and the mosque in its vicinity are a significant contribution to the study of the history of the country during this turbulent period.”

Source : Arab news

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  2. Salaam Sr,
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    If you are asking the food combination with dates ,prophet used to prefer eating dates with cucumber and watermelon etc as seen in the foll hadeeth :
    “Abdullah ibn Jaafar, may Allah be pleased with him, said the Messenger ate cucumbers with dates.” (Al-Tirmidhi) According to two other traditions recorded by Al-Tirmidhi, the Prophet ate dates with watermelon

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  5. Thank You for writing to us .I would suggest you the Medina Dates . They have the correct rate,even sometimes cheaper than the shops of Madina because they Sell at discount(at times) . And their products are genuine and good in quality . You can contact them with the above link. They are very nice and quick to reply(except on fridays ).

    If anyhow this doesn’t work for you,You can try Alibaba . Alibaba is a good source of buying bulk products. But do make sure that the date you are buying are of good quality .All the best . Do let Us Know If you need any more help .

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