10 Islamic Worksheet Bundle

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Get 10 Islamic Worksheets that can level up your child’s spirituality only at $10

We have combined our bestselling Worksheets as a bundle and we are offering them at a huge discount.

You can get 10 of our Islamic worksheets at only $10. This is a limited time offer and the offer is Valid till 5 January In sha Allah.

Here are the 10 Islamic Worksheets that you shall be getting. These are our digital assets and sharing them is not allowed. All the worksheets are for personal use and cannot be uploaded to websites or elsewhere. If some one like the worksheets you can direct them to our website.

Jazak Allah Khair.

10 Islamic Worksheet Bundle

1. Ramadan Journal

Ramadan Journal

The purpose of this journal is to aid our connection with the month of Ramadan, to help us recognise and throw away the excuses which have held us back in previous years, so that we can reach and appreciate the true benefits of this approaching Ramadan, inshallah.

Features of the Ramadan journal :
✔Hadith reminder for each day
✔A Dua from Quran to read each day
✔Salah Tracker
✔Hadith Copywork
✔Fast tracker
✔Daily Goal

islamic worksheet
10 Islamic Worksheet Bundle April 7, 2024

2. Dua Cards

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If you are looking for some Dua cards  especially with the Daily recommended Dua a child should learn , We have created  some Dua cards that you can Print out . You can also print them out and Put them on Wall  as a reminder for your child to make dhikr  or use them as pocket size  flashcards.

3. 99 Names of Allah Printable Colouring pdf

99 Names of Allah colouring sheets pdf has 99 Names of Allah.
Total Number of Pages: 102
The Names are also written in English with their Meaning .

How to Use :
You can use Colours, glitters etc to fill the names of Allah.
You can Also use it as Flashcard to teach the Names of Allah swt to your Kids.
Ask your Child to colour the Name and Read it out Loud.

islamic worksheet

4. Quran Activity Worksheet

Blessings of Allah is immense. If you want to help develop the art of reflecting on Quranic Verses in your kids, get this coloring book that has a Quranic verse relating to things we see around us.

Why is Man created? What is the purpose of our life? What causes ships to sail? What makes birds fly in the sky ? these are some questions that Allah answers himself in the Quran.

Let the child learn to connect the Quran with things he sees around him.

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5. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journaling is the habit of recording and reflecting on things that you are grateful for on a regular basis.

In essence, you are rewiring your brain to focus more on the positive aspects of your life and build up resilience against negative situations. Keeping a gratitude journal is a popular practice in positive psychology – the scientific study of happiness. It’s commonly also referred to as “counting your blessings”

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6. Prophets of Allah Handwriting Worksheet

Trace and learn the names of prophets in Arabic

islamic worksheet

7. Iftar Suhur Dua Printable Poster (high quality poster without watermark)

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8. Ramadan Activity book

image 11

9. Aqeedah for Kids

islamic worksheet

A very engaging 40 page Aqeedah book which can help the children learn the basics of Islam. The kids have an option to colour with their favourite colour.

10. 30 Duas from Hadith in 30 days of Ramadan pdf

In this ebook :

  • Dua from hadith in Arabic with English translation & transliteration
  • One Dua for Each Day
  • Bold and Clear Print
  • Reference of Dua 
islamic worksheet

11. 40 hadith on The Sublime qualities of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

know how was our dear Prophet,Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alaihe wa sallam through 40 hadiths

islamic worksheet

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