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Eid gift- Take all Islamic worksheets for FREE on Eid


Islamic worksheets for FREE

EID Gift We are throwing our store OPEN so you can take whatever you want for FREE. Our Islamic worksheets are used by many Parents and Islamic schools as well. I hope you will find them beneficial.

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Code shall be Valid on EID: 21, 22 and 23 April 2023 In sha Allah

Islamic Worksheets << All worksheets can be found here.

The worksheets are a Property of Islam Hashtag. Sharing the pdfs or uploading it somewhere is not allowed. If someone is interested in the worksheets you may guide them to our website. we keep offering the worksheets for FREE every year.

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Eid gift- Take all Islamic worksheets for FREE on Eid May 15, 2023

If You have any problem while FREE purchase, do email us with the name of the worksheets you wanted to get. Many a times trying with alternate browser and adding the worksheet to the cart once solves the issue but if you still have a problem, do email us. We are on a break. In sha Allah we will reply to you after 28 April.

Regarding Islam Hashtag Worksheets:

islamic worksheets

Assalamu alaikum wrwb, I am Aafiya. All the worksheets in “Islam Hashtag” and almost all the articles in this website is written by me. I am an Optometrist by qualification, Allah guided me to the study of deen and alhumdulillah I passed as an Alimah in the year 2022. I had never studied computer but Allah guided my to design this website and make Islamic worksheets to incur the running cost. More than 2500 worksheets and ebooks have been sold or offered for FREE. Keep me in your dua and forgive my shortcomings.


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