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 Fasting Tips for Ramadan

I was talking with a friend of mine who is a revert about the challenges a new Muslim faces in fasting their first Ramadan .We were discussing  how lack of enough information on Ramadan ,on the purpose of fasting in Ramadan and about the mis – planning of meals in Ramadan discourage some Reverts to abandon fasting after 4-5 days of fasts . She advised me to write a One page reminder for People fasting their first Ramadan .

So, Let Me first congratulate all the reverts who are observing their first Ramadan. Below I am writing some quick tips that can help you if you are a new Muslim .Please Note that is a detailed list.If you are not able to do Some things ,Don’t worry.Try to do as much as possible.

Know the Purpose of Fasting

Before we begin .Let us purify our intention and understand why are we doing the fast . Just like before doing any important work you need to know the importance,the merits of the work ,what good can it bring to you etc ,You need to know why are you obliged to fast . When you understand the purpose and the virtues of fasting ,it will naturally incline you to give your best effort to complete the fasts of Ramadan .Do you know that  One Month  of Ramadan is better than 10 general  months . Do read about the merits and Virtues of Ramadan. This will give you a power boost to your intention of fasting

Things to avoid when fasting

tips of fasting

When fasting, it’s important to remember that it is not only the intake of
food that should be monitored. All our senses must be guarded as well:

Fasting Tips for Ramadan( New Muslims and People observing their first Ramadan) 18
  1. Keep off unlawful things and objects
  2.  Abstain from hearing unlawful gossip, lies, false statements etc
  3.  No lies or useless tales, no spreading rumours, gossiping and no
  4.  No inflicting or injuring others, keep off haram things like cigarettes
  5. Be clean and pure in your heart, hatred, anger, envy or jealousy
  6. Not going to forbidden places, bars, cinemas or any other place that
    has any element of haram in it

Things to do while Fasting and in Ramadan.

tips for fasting

  1. Pray your Salah in time.
  2. Try to Read Quran with translation.
  3. Try to Complete Quran : (Listening/or Reading )Download the Quran Reading Chart to complete Quran in 30 Days
  4. Give Sadaqa- the Voluntary Charity from your Wealth
  5. Give Zakat and Sadqatul Fitr
  6. Read some Islamic Books or listen to some Islamic lectures
  7. Remind yourself of the thawab of Ramadan and concentrate in building your connection with Allah swt .
  8. Make Abundant dua . You may Download this Dua list  or you may Read from the Dhikr Challenge
  9. Lower your Gaze and Dress Modestly
  10. Do a Family Halaqa in home.This means gather all your family member together and take turn in reading a book or the more knowledgeble one can give a short talk or read from the book.This immensely benefits because the kids get to learn a lots.
  11. Try to make use of time before suhur .Those who weep in solitude in the early hours of the morning before
    fajr (during Tahajjud or Qiyam-ul-Layl) is most beloved by Allah
  12. Read Nafl prayers like tahajjud and Ishrak
  13. Stand in Qiyaam .Read Taraweeh .It is sunnah.
  14. Complete as many optional sunnahs as you possibly can because
    this will bring you closer to Allah SWT. For example, use the
    Miswak – a highly stressed but almost forgotten sunnah!
  15. If you can do itikaf during the last 10 night ,it is very virtuous for you and your community.Perform I’tikaf! It is one of the most beloved of Sunnah’s during Ramadan
    and an action that the Prophet SAW never abandoned during his lifetime.
    I’tikaf is a spiritual retreat in seclusion from the dunya and is usually
    performed during the last ten days of Ramadan. A person “making i’tikaf”
    will spend the evening and night in the mosque, devoting his or her time to
    worship and reading the Qur’an

Fasting Tips for Suhur:

fasting tips

  1. Do not miss Suhur . It helps you get energy for the whole day and has lots of Barakah in it .
  2. If you can’t eat much at suhoor, eat some dates as this is from the
  3. Milk is a great way to quench your thirst and prevent dehydration
  4. For fasts which are longer than 12 hours, always ensure you drink
    plenty of water at suhoor time
  5. Avoid the feeling of severe hunger pangs early on during the day by
    AVOIDING refined carbs such as white bread or anything with sugar
    or white flour in it – instead, eat wholegrains and ALWAYS include a
    portion of protein such as eggs, fish, chicken or meat
  6.  Keep thirst at bay with a cooling yogurt – especially good if you live in
    a hot climate

Tips For Making Longer Fasts More Bearable:

  1.  Busy yourself in the remembrance of Allah!
  2.  Rush to perform good deeds that keep you bus
  3. Do not lie or backbite
  4. Spend time during Ramadan doing things you wouldn’t normally do such as visiting the sick, or doing salat-ul-tasbeeh
  5. Take time out to visit friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time
  6. Listen to beneficial lectures, seminars and webinars
  7. Whatever you do, don’t just sit around – make a point of reading,learning and doing as many good deeds as possible so you busy yourtime and don’t think about the hunger or the thirst
  8. Avoid doing heavy work which is tiring and can make you thirsty
  9. This is the month of Mercy and contemplation, so avoid un-necessary stress on yourself and only do those things that bring you closer to Allah and your family
  10. Keeping away from the sun and staying indoors if possible would help you from getting drained during summers. Also, rescheduling your urgent activities of the day to before or after the fast would be a better idea .

Fasting Tips for Iftar

fasting tips

Fasting Tips for Ramadan( New Muslims and People observing their first Ramadan) 19
  1. Do not Over eat in Iftar . Eat light in Iftar . You can have a heavy meal at dinner.
  2. Do not eat much Oily things in Iftar
  3. Do not open your Iftar with cold drinks or fuzzy drinks.Fruit Juice,Energy drinks and fruit smoothie are the best .
  4. Include plenty of fruits , Salad and curd in your diet
  5. You may buy Frozen Samosas and ready to eat meals for a quick Iftar.
  6. Feed  Iftar to a  fasting Person , even if it is with a single date
  7. Drink at least eight glasses of water during the non-fasting hours.
  8. Walk everyday for at least half an hour to one hour in order to burn the extra calories.

Make dua during the recommended hours

tips for fasting

The times when Dua’s are most accepted are:
1. The third portion of the night shortly before suhoor ends
2. Whilst fasting
3. Between Asr and Maghrib
4. Just before fast opens
5. On Jumma before and after khutba
6. Between Adhan and Iqamah
7. After Qur’an recitation
8. The Night of Qadr
9. Whilst it is raining

Any good deed that a Muslim starts during his lifetime, and that is of renewed benefit and ongoing use for the Muslims, will continue to benefit him and augment his record of good deeds, even after his departure – as long as its benefits continue to reach others.So, Please share this message !