I have seen many People revert to Islam during  Ramadan . Let us meet Kara Palmer who reverted to Islam this year . Let us Welcome her and show her Love and Support that she deserves .

Kara Palmer : I was unhappy with my life —suicidal. I met a group of Muslims online, and we debated God’s existence and religion for about 1.5 months. I found I didn’t have a good reason to disagree with them. Then I had a dream of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh, and I reverted the next day.

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From Atheism to Islam- Revert Story,Ramadan 2019 11

Subhan Allah ! This is Interesting . Can We know the full story ?

Kara Palmer I wasn’t happy with my life. I very recently struggled with a chronic illness coupled with very tragic experiences. I began to fall into a deep depression, and this soon led me into having suicidal thoughts. At the time, I was an atheist. I didn’t see any reason to believe a God existed. To distract myself, I joined a Christian versus atheist debate group on Facebook.

In this group was a Muslim man who got on a live Facebook chat open to anyone who wanted to dialogue. The group was hostile and verbally abusive towards him. He remained calm and ignored those who said he was in the wrong group and that Muslims were not welcome there. I was impressed by his ability to control his feelings and yet also remain kind and open to discussion night after night. So, I got on Facebook live with him. We had thought provoking discussions that left me re-analyzing my atheism.

After a few discussions, he added me to a private Facebook group of Muslims and atheists. For a month and a half, I discussed the existence of a God. The Muslims gave very logical answers to all my arguments, and I found I couldn’t see any good reason to disagree.

From Atheism to Islam- Revert Story,Ramadan 2019 12

I slowly changed my viewpoint from an atheist to a deist —someone who believes a God exists but doesn’t believe that God is active in our lives. After agreeing a God exists, we logically reasoned what attributes such a God would have. Their arguments were convincing and sound, but I was afraid to commit to Islam. My mind was questioning every position I had as a former atheist and now as a deist. I could not logically defend either position any longer. I decided to simply do nothing except mentally go back over the arguments. Then something unnerving and strange happened.

On the first day of Ramadan, I began having a repeat dream —a dream in which very little changes about it or doesn’t change at all. The first night, I dreamt of a large wooden house in a large field. I was terrified to go inside, and so I spent my entire dream outside the house. Outside the house was time. I experienced my life within about 5 minutes or so it seemed. Events were chaotic and passing by quickly. Life was so sad and dangerous. I had no time to process anything and strived to simply survive. Then I woke up.

The next night, I once again stood in that field in front of that large wooden house while time was passing by. I couldn’t stand the tragedy of life passing before me. I was exhausted from just surviving, and so I took refuge inside the house.

From Atheism to Islam- Revert Story,Ramadan 2019 13

Time stopped. I was in limbo. Only I could enter the house and nothing else from outside. I immediately felt an overwhelming feeling of peace. There was a man in the room. He had dark, curly hair and dark eyes. His skin was rather fair, and he was thin in a healthy way —not too scrawny or muscular. He wore a simple white shirt and jeans, as if his clothes were only to serve the purpose of covering him and nothing more. He didn’t look extraordinary and even perhaps might go unnoticed in a group. Perhaps the only thing that would make him stand out was the look in his eyes and his handsomeness. His eyes were so kind, and he smiled at me. Because of the chaos of life outside the house, my emotions were on edge. I feared him as I didn’t know him, yet for some reason, I deeply loved him.

I didn’t want to talk, and so, he was content to remain quiet. I was hesitant to stand close to him, and so he remained on the opposite side of the room. Now that I was safe from life outside, my emotions flooded with grief over everything I’d experienced in life. The man remained quiet and content to just be physically present, which brought me comfort. His responses to me led me to believe that this man truly understood grief.

The man began showing me snippets of my future and my hopes/desires/fears. When I couldn’t stand to watch any longer because of another wave of sadness, he stopped showing my future and just waited with me. I wanted to say something or anything, but I was too grief stricken to talk. He just gave me an understanding smile and stayed nearby me. He didn’t try to make me leave the house. He was patient. It seemed he wanted to have a conversation whenever I was ready. Then I woke up.

One of the Muslim debaters knew an Islamic dream interpreter and sent him my dream. The interpreter said the man was the prophet Muhammad and the wooden house represented Islam. He said I would become a Muslim and enter paradise. The limbo inside the house was a place in between the physical world and the spiritual world. The prophet was waiting to have a discussion after I reverted to Islam. I was deeply moved by this dream and the logical arguments I’d had with my Muslim friends. I opened up the Quran, and as I read, I felt the same peace and comfort as I did inside that wooden house. After considering all the events, I decided to revert to Islam, and I did so the next day.

Now, I often feel the same peace as I did inside that house in my dream. I still struggle with depression, but I’m getting medical treatment to help my body come out of the depression. When I feel the same terror as I did outside that house, I remember Allah and that man’s kindness and smile. Then the peace returns, and I’m comforted. I’m not sure where Allah is leading me. I just know I’ll follow and trust Allah because I’m only alive through Allah’s mercy. He comforts me in my grief, and in shalla Allah, I will live a life that pleases him.

Allahuakbar ! Lahawla wal quwwata illa billa . There is no might and Power besides Allah .Allah guided sister Kara to Islam . There are many who are waiting outside the Wooden House .May her story serve as a Hidayah and they too recognise the Peace that Islam brings us . May Allah guide us all .

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