The Golden Ratio Proves that Islam is a true Religion

Islam is a Religion which believes in One Supreme God “Allah” and acknowledge Prophet Muhammad(SAW) as his Messenger. Islam is an Abrahamic religion and also believe in Prophet Jesus (Jesus Christ) and Prophet Moses (Prophet sent to the Jews) as the messenger of Allah.

Mecca is willed as direction of kowtow, a convention place for billions of Muslims and as the holy center of Islam. Those Muslims, who can afford, are prescribed to go on a journey to Hajj in Mecca.Ka’aba around which the Muslim Make Pilgrimage is also called as “Baitullah” or the “House of God”.

God the designer of the Universe and Earth has chosen Kaaba as the place of Pilgrimage .Only recently has man discovered the design of Universe :”The Golden ratio “. And he is left bewildered when he finds that the golden ratio of Earth is Mecca and the Quranic Verses also contains Verses in golden Ratio.This Makes Man Wonder if the Creator of Universe is the the Same God who is the God of Muhammad,Jesus and Moses.

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Golden Ratio and Islam :The Miracle of Mecca 23
golden ratio and Islam

What is this Golden ratio?It is the Phi Constant- 1.618.Phi is a  superior design number of mathematics. The Creator has always used the very same number in numerous events in the universe; in our heart pulses, in the aspect ratio of DNA spiral, in the special design of the universe called dodecehadron, in the leaf array rules of plants called phylotaxy, in the snow flake crystals, in the spiral structure of numerous galaxies and in many other Places.It is the same number; the number of golden ratio which is 1.618…

It is determined that this ratio has been used for the design of various reputable architectural structures, even including Pyramids in Egypt. Famous astronomer Kepler defined this number as a great treasury. Numerous famous painters, engineers and architects, like Leonardo Da Vinci, have been using this ratio in their works of art for hundreds of years.

Let us See Some of the evidences of Golden Ratio in Nature:


golden ratio

New findings show that the universe’s shape is a dodecahedron. (A shape which’s 12 sides is equilateral pentagon… It underlies the phi constant (The Golden Ratio 0,61…)


Let us see the graphical condition of the golden ratio between our organs.

golden_ratio body

You Will be astonished to learn that our Organs are made in a golden ratio of (0,61).Don’t Believe me see this guardian report.You can Measure It Yourself:

Finger divided by golden ratio-Golden Ratio and Islam :The Miracle of Mecca

For example, if you mark the tips of the knuckles on your finger with a pen, the distance between first and second knuckle is about 1.618 times the distance between the second and the third.The Same is with other Points:

Wrist – elbow gap / fingertip – elbow gap = 0,61…

Head length / The distance between the alignment of the shoulder to the head = 0,61…

Alignment of the shoulder – head distance / Abdomen –head distance = 0,61…

Knee – foot distance / Abdomen – knee = 0,61… …and goes on…


Golden Ratio and Islam :The Miracle of Mecca

When the 2 front teeth form a rectangle with a Golden Ratio measurement (height to width of the center 2 teeth of 1.62) it is perceived as a perfect smile. Another ratio used is from the width of the first tooth to the second tooth and a third using the width of the smile to the third tooth from the center. Visit the site of Dr Eddy Levin for more on the Golden Section and Dentistry.


Emma Watson Beautiful Face Golden Ratio 920x920

Beauty is the elegant force that cannot be resisted. The secret of love is closely related to the beauty. Is there a mathematical explanation of beauty? Can there be a scientific definition of this magical look that even money cannot truly buy?

The documentary named “The Human Face” which is produced by BBC, examines Dr. Steven Markot’s search. Dr. Steven Markot spent his 25 years obsessively to find the mathematical norms of the beauty and the harmony. To this search, is it asked to align the 18 different human faces from the people of the different cultures and ages? The results of the search are surprising. % 97 of the attendees makes the same beauty alignment. It is thought that in Asia or in Far East the alignment will be different but from all over the world and all ages the alignment of the 18 different human faces are almost the same.

Dr. Steven who examines the mathematical harmony of the beautiful faces that are commonly accepted, found a magical number. The Golden Ratio 0,61 …  It is the dimensions of the beauty in the human faces in the human body and even in our teeth. Dr. Steven succeeds to explain the beauty mathematically and he made a mask of these dimensions which shows itself in every selected human face and body. This “Golden Ratio Mask” is tried in every actor and model that is accepted with their beauty. No matter what different styles they got the golden ratio mask fits the faces almost % 100 percent.


Golden Ratio and Islam :The Miracle of Mecca

The DNA molecules carry the whole life programmer. Our soul, our specific characteristic aspects and our appearance lie behind our DNA. These great alignments which have the characteristics of our core and our being’s little copy, is designed completely by the golden ratio. This reminds the importance of the golden ratio. It gives us the golden ratio number obviously with its 21 angstroms width double helix spiral artifact and its 34 angstrom height in every tour around.  21/34=0,61.

Several researchers have proposed connections between the golden ratio and human genome DNA.[54][55][56]


The American physicist B.J. West and Doctor A. L. Goldberger exposed the golden ratio in the shape of the lunges which look like dry tree branches in their searches between the years of 1985-1987. The specialty of the bronchus tree which builds lunges is that; it is asymmetric. For example the windpipe separates into two main bronchi; one of them is long and the other one is short. And this asymmetric separation continues in the bronchia consecutive branching. In all of these separations the rate of the short bronchus to the long bronchus is 0,61…



As you can see in the EKG device, in our heart beats the opening time rate between the big cardiac valve and the small cardiac valve is 0,61 the golden ratio…

As a result of his 25 years long study, aesthetician Dr. Steven Markout proves that each of human faces and bodies, created pursuant to this ratio, are completely beautiful. If the relative ratio is 1.618 for the components of any structure, then this form will be convenient to Golden Ratio, the perfect design.

So, where is the Golden Ratio Point of the World?

Interestingly,the Golden Ratio of the World is in the city of Mecca.

Golden Ratio

The proportion of distance between Mecca and North Pole to the distance between Mecca and South Pole is exactly 1.618 which is the golden mean.

Moreover, the proportion of the distance between South Pole and Mecca to the distance between both poles is again 1.618.So mecca is the Golden Ratio Point of the Earth.

Yes,The Golden Ratio Point of the World is in Mecca city according to map of latitude and longitude which is the common determinant of mankind for location.

The proportion of eastern distance to the western distance of Mecca’s solstice line is again 1.618.

The proportion of the distance from Mecca to the solstice line from the west side and perimeter of world at that latitude is also surprisingly equal to the golden ratio, 1.618.

The Golden Ratio Point of the World is always within the city borders of Mecca, within the Holy Region that includes Kaaba according to all mapping systems despite minor kilometrical variations in their estimations.

Try with google earth program.You get the figure like this:

golden ratio
golden ratio

Mekka golden ratio in the world
12348,32 / 7631,68 = 1,618…….

At home, you can precisely measure the distance between any two points of World by means of Google World’s ruler feature. If you wish, you can easily verify the correctness of the given ratios by calculating latitudes and longitudes or even by using a simple calculator.

Golden Ratio and Islam :The Miracle of Mecca

If we assume the longitude and latitude map of the World as an everlasting painting which has an endless depth,we will find out that the Golden Ratio Point of the World is the City of Mecca.

Proof that Quran is the Word of God-the Creator

You will be astonished to find golden ratio even in Quran.Like all creations which has the golden ratio rules there are many Mathematical Miracles in Quran too-

Golden ratio in Quran:

Do you Know that there is a Golden Ratio Miracle in the Verse Mecca, of Quran.

golden ratio in Quran

“Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Makkah (Mecca), full of blessing, and a guidance for the mankind”- Surah Al-Imran, verse 96 –

Counting all the letters in the verse, we get 47 letters.
If we take the 47 letters from the verse = 19980 km between North and South Poles, then 29 letters from the beginning of the verse till the word Mecca and substitute it with 12348 km. Then, if we divide both of the values we get: 47 / 29 = 1.620, which is very close to 1.618 . This shows the specialty of Mecca as the central point of Muslim worship.

Another Evidence of Golden ratio in Quran

In this example we see clearly nummerical miracle, between odd and even numbers and how the correspond to sum of chapters and verses

golden ratio in Quran -chapters
golden ratio in Quran -chapters

Here, we have repetetive nummerical values from the table above
for example chapters 85 and 99 have same nummerical value 107, we summerize all repetitive nummerical values

golden ratio in Quran -chapters

Here, we have non-repetitive nummerical values, and we summerize them also

golden ratio in Quran -chapters
golden ratio

We can clearly see golden ratio between Reptitive and non-repetitive nummerical values from this table

All these evidences show that; The Creator of the World and mathematics is the same One and Single God, the indefinable and great force that has created Kaaba, holy region and Koran. He reminds whole humanity that he has granted signs to all humanity on the basis of his foreknowledge about the future and the common languages of humans.

Discoveries regarding the relation between Golden Ratio, Mecca, Kaaba and Koran have been increasing day by day. In the figure, it is indicated that measurements by golden ratio compass that is also known as Leonardo compass, prove that Mecca city is located on the Golden Ratio Point of Arabia while Kaaba is located on the Golden Ratio of Mecca City. According to probability calculations, all these proofs can not be incidental.

Islam is a true religion and Quran is a Word of God

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