Animation Movie based on Bilal -the Companion of Prophet Muhammad awarded as the best Animation Movie in Cannes Film Festival

Animation movie “Bilal” from the producer and co-Director Ayman Tariq Jamal was awarded as “Best Inspiring Movie” on the Animation day in Cannes during Cannes Film Festival, it is the first Animation film produced by Emirates / Saudi team winning an Award in Cannes, and the first production of Barajoun Entertainment Inc. from Dubai, where Bilal was completely made over. It is worth mentioning that Bilal also participated as an official selection in “Annecy Festival”  2016,France (the largest Animation film festival globally)

Bilal is a story designed to preach about the inclusive, non-discriminatory aspects of the Muslim faith to younger audiences. Loosely based on the life of Bilal ibn Rabah, a companion of the Prophet who was born a slave and became the first muezzin (the man who calls the faithful to prayer), “Bilal” avoids any immediate controversy by only obliquely mentioning Mohammed, instead emphasizing the socially just origins of the religion.

Quran learning
Film based on Hazrat Bilal awarded as the Best Inspiring Movie 11


This Film was made specially to Preach the Younger audience (Kids ) about the greatest Sahaba, ,It hopes to draw the fantasy of  international viewers who are unaware of the Islamic history and Islamic Icons.1,400 year ago, Bilal a seven-year-old boy finds himself with his sister under the tyranny of slavery; he bears many burdens of life in his childhood from which he discovers inner strength he did not know he possessed before. Bilal knew from the bottom of his heart that he must be brave enough to raise his voice and choose his own path, and that everything is possible with determination. His courage was able to undo his handcuffs and set him free. His strong beautiful voice was a real gift from the Creator, but the voice of faith has made his childhood dream come true.

The Movie has been Premiered in Gulf Countries last month and was released on October 12,2016  in Egypt. It will be available in other countries very Soon.

Should You Watch It ?

Although  the Movie is made with  a good Intention , But it is Not Recommended to Watch the Plays which has a Representation of Sahabas in Picture .

Ref : Islam Q &A 

Film based on Hazrat Bilal awarded as the Best Inspiring Movie 12




Film based on Hazrat Bilal awarded as the Best Inspiring Movie 13