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60 Islamic Whats app Status for Every Mood


More than 60 Islamic Whats app Status for Every Mood, New Islamic status for whatsapp

Are You Searching for Some good Islamic Quotations or new islamic status for whatsapp?

We have Researched for Some Islamic Whats App Status and Good Islamic  Quotations and Here is a List of  Best Islamic Quotation for Social Media like Whats app and Others.

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Allah is Sufficient for Us.

A handsome guy and a pretty girl will make a beautiful wedding; but a faithful man and a pious women will make a beautiful marriage.

Quran ad

“Alhumdulillah” I Praise and thank Allah for Everything in My life .

“InnAllaha Ma‘ As’sabireen “ : Verily, Allah is with the patient” .

Dua is the Weapon Of Believer. So Keep Praying 🙂

Happy moments, praise Allah. Difficult moments, seek Allah. Painful moments, trust Allah. Every moment, thank Allah.

Glory to My Lord,The Most Merciful the Most Forgiving.

Allah gave you a gift of 86,000 seconds today have you used 1 to say ‘Alhamdulillah’

Shall I tell you the Expression which is most Loved by Allah ?I t is Subhan Allahi Wa Behamdihi.

Not Even a Leaf falls without the Permission of Allah.

Do not worry What Others think of You.Because at the end of the Day it is Only Allah who will be judging You.

Do not forget to say Bismillah !

Pray not because you need something but because you have a lot to thank GOD for.

Note to self: ‘Before going to sleep every night forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.

Start each day with a grateful heart.

God puts people in your life for a reason, and removes them from your life for a better reason.

Start Your Day with Bismillah and End it with Alhumdulillah

Allah Knows What is Best for You and when It is best for you to have It .

The Solution Of Every Problem is in Sabr and Istighfar .

The Tear of a Sinner is more beloved to Allah than the arrogance of a Righteous Man.

Marry Some One who will promise to Wake you up for Fajr

True Love doesn’t end at death.If Allah wills It will Continue in Jannah

It is difficult to Be Patient but to waste the reward of Being Patient is Worse.

Lucky is the woman, whose first child is a daughter. – Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Let us help each others to Jannah. Don’t Pull Others down as you go Up.

Don’t Expect your Spouse to Be Perfect. He/She is only the Duniya Version of themselves.Their Perfect Version is saved For Jannah.

Take Every Day as Chance to Become a Better Muslim.

Don’t Wait to get Old to Worship Allah. If Today is your Last day,You are Already Old.

My Success is Only By Allah.

O Allah ! Strengthen me in My Religion.

O Allah ! Guide Me to the Straight Path.

If You Don’t thank Allah for Every Smile. You don’t have the Right to Complain about every Tear.

Sadaqah wipes Out Sins like  Water extinguishes Fire.

Allah is My Only Hope.

Be generous and Jealousy will Leave You. Be Forgiving and Hatred will Leave You.

O Allah Increase me in Knowledge while Keeping me Humble. Ameen.

My Life May not be Going the way I planned but It is going exactly the way  Allah Planned It. So I Just Keep Praying….

Every Blessing that does not bring you Closer to Allah is in Reality a Calamity.

So What If this Life is not Perfect ? It is NOT Jannah .

Allah Without Me is Still Allah but Me without Allah is Nothing.

Nothing is Hidden from Allah – On the Earth or In the Heaven.

Sometimes the People with the Worst Past Create the Best Future.

Wise Words of My Prophet -“Leave that which Doesn’t Concern You.”

Trust Allah but Tie Your Camel.

Feed your Faith and Your Fear will Starve to Death.

“Whoever treads a path seeking knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the path to Paradise.”

Speaking the truth to the unjust is the best of holy wars.”

No fatigue, disease, sorrow, sadness, hurt or distress befalls a Muslim – not even the prick he receives from a thorn – except that Allah expiates some of his sins because of it. (Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 70, #545)

I asked Allah’s Messenger ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of allāh be upon him) which deed was best.” He (the Holy Prophet) replied: “The prayer at its appointed hour”. [Sahih Muslim]

“If you want to focus more on Allah in your prayers, focus more on Him outside your prayers.”

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

“And if there comes to you from Satan an evil suggestion, then seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Knowing.” [Qur’an, 41:36]

“There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good.” [Sahih Bukhari]

“Meet the people in such a manner that if you die, they should weep for you, and if you live, they should long for you.” – Ali Ibn Abi Talib raḍyallāhu 'anhu (may allāh be pleased with him)

The Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of allāh be upon him) said: “It is also charity to utter a good word.” [Sahih Bukhari and Muslim]

Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas raḍyallāhu 'anhu (may allāh be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of allāh be upon him) said, “The believer is not he who eats his fill while his neighbor is hungry.” (Authenticated by Al-Albani, Al-Adab Al-Mufrad Al-Bukhari, Hadith 112)

 “None of you truly believes (in Allah and His religion) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” [Sahih Bukhari and Muslim]

“My sin burdened me heavily. But when I measured it against Your Grace, O Lord, Your forgiveness came out greater.” – Imam Shafii

“When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, then look to those who have been given less.”

“My sin burdened me heavily. But when I measured it against Your Grace, O Lord, Your forgiveness came out greater.” – Imam Shafii

“When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, then look to those who have been given less.

Every good word is sadaqa. A man’s helping his brother is sadaqa. A drink of water which he gives is sadaqa. Removing something harmful from the road is sadaqa.”

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, Enjoining, all that is good is a Sadaqa.”

Sadaqa given to a poor man is just sadaqa, but when given to a relative it serves a double purpose, being both sadaqa and a wasila(connecting link).”

Verily sadaqah removes difficulties

love and marriage quotes for muslim couples

Love and Marriage quote

The beauty of ‘The Quran’ is that you cannot change its message, but its message can change you.

Never show off your happiness in front of a sad person.

Tawakkul is believing in Allah SWT no matter what. It means having a firm faith that whatever He has planned for us is the best for us, even though things apparently seem difficult. 

 “Note to self: ‘Before going to sleep every night forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart”. 

“The best attribute a believer can have is forgiveness.”

islamic quote

Islamic Status for whatsapp

whats app quote

“Let my every work begin with Bismillah”

“Subhan Allah! Glory be to Allah”

“Alhumdulillah” I am so thankful to Allah

“Qadr Allah” I am pleased with what Allah destines for me

“Jazak Allah khair” Thank you every one for being there for me.

“Alhumdulillah I am so happy to begin this new chapter of my life.

“I complain only to Allah”

“I am Pleased with Allah as my God , Islam as my religion and Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaihe wa sallam as my prophet.

“Allah is my guide”

“Ya Allah, let this happiness remain in my life forever. I am grateful to you for all the blessing you bestow upon me”

” Ya Allah I seek your refuge from the evil of past time”

“May Allah shower his blessing on everyone who read this message today”

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