Logic and Islam Book Review: Without doubt the relationship between Almighty God and humans is spiritual rather than logical but in these era of fitna we see Islam being attacked by many ideologies. People ask us to explain the concept of God logically and sometimes they ask us to give the Proof of Science.

Prof. Dr. Magd Abdel Wahab, a full-time Professor of Applied Mechanics in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University, Belgium and an Associate Imam at Badr mosque in Ledeberg, Ghent, Belgium summarised his experiences as a Professor and an Imam and provides logical answers to questions related to Almighty God and Islam.

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Prof Dr Magd Abdel Wahab writes in the introduction of the book that Islam is a religion that invites believers and nonbelievers to think, understand, use logic and be rational to believe in Almighty God, recognise Him and remember Him. Islam is the last heavenly religion, which combines the spiritual belief with human intellect. It invites people to think about the creation of heavens and earth in order to recognise the creator and discover His greatness:

[3:190] Most surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth
and the alternation of the night and the day there are signs for
men who understand.

The term ‘men who understand’, refers to people who use their intellect,think logically and are rational. Theword intellect or mind (in Arabic ‘Akal’) has been mentioned in the holy Quran 49 times, which indicates its importance. Thinking about the creation, and recognising how great it is, indicates and confirms the greatness of the creator. Furthermore, understanding the creation leads to belief in one god. After thinking and understanding, these people,who are mentioned in the above verse, remember Allah SWT and supplicate to Him.

[3:191] Those who remember Allah standing and sitting and
lying on their sides and reflect on the creation of the heavens and
the earth: Our Lord! You have not created this in vain! Glory be to
Thee; save us then from the chastisement of the fire.

Thus, the holy Quran talks to people who think and use their mind, which is the general feature of all human beings of different levels.

In the Book “Logic and Islam ” Prof Dr Magd Abdel Wahab captures the attention of the readers towards questions relating to Faith and Purpose of our existence with beautiful self explanatory logical flowchart. The Whole concept of our Purpose of life , the reason why we need to believe that there is a God and Why Only One God, how the Holy Quran is a miracle and what is the logic between destiny and hereafter,all of this is so beautifully expressed and presented in clear flowcharts and simple English that it simply gets addictive and you can’t help but finish reading the book and recommending it to others.

I believe that this Book is an ideal gift to the teenagers and the Non Muslims who are seeking to find Peace and spirituality. It is also an ideal book for People like you and me to counter the ideologies and allegations of People trying to hurt the image of Islam.

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Take a look at one of the flowchart-

Screenshot 2019 09 30 at 10.33.03 AM

In the above flowchart the author makes a comparison between the construction of a building and the creation of the universe.

The statement saying that a building needs to be built by a builder or an engineer is a fact. Similarly, the statement saying that the universe must have been created by a creator is also a fact. Therefore, the opposite statement saying that a building can be constructed by itself or the universe can have been created by itself is against the Law of Identity.

Allah SWT talks about this concept logically in the holy Quran and asks people who created them, and who created the earth and the heavens? Have they been created by themselves? [52:35-36] Were they created of nothing, or were they themselves the creators? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, they have no firm belief.

Similiarly the book discusses many questions on existence of God, Purpose of Life ,destiny,herafter and Islam. The book is divided into 7 Chapters namely:

  • 1) Almighty God,
  • 2) the creation,
  • 3) the soul,
  • 4) the hereafter,
  • 5) the destiny and freedom in choices,
  • 6)the holy Quran and
  • 7) the Islam.
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Here are some questions that are answered in the book in a very logical and explanatory manner .You will definitely love reading the book and in fact love using the book to explain Islam to your Kids and Other People.

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The book is available in many bookstore including Amazon:

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N.B:This is a sponsored post written after personal review of the book and all profit has been directed towards Quran Donation.

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