The communist party of China  has imposed a Ramadhan ban on chinese muslims . Chinese authorities have set restrictions on Uighur Muslims in the northwestern region of Xinjiang every Ramadan but this year it has gone ahead with lot more restrictions.

1)The Officials are forced to give verbal as well as written assurances “guaranteeing they have no faith, will not attend religious activities and will lead the way in not fasting over Ramadan,” state media reported.

2) Muslim shops and restaurants have also been ordered to sell cigarettes and alcohol or be shut down.

3) Two days before ramadan, on june 15,the local government held beer festival in a village in Niya,  deep south of Xinjiang, an area dominated by the Muslim Uighur people to promote drinking of beer by giving cash prizes upto 160$.

4) Radio Free Asia published an official notice issued by Aktash village Communist Party committee on April 29 that stated “all restaurants and supermarkets in our village should place five different brands of alcohol and cigarettes in their shops before [May 1, 2015]


A notice from the Aktash village Party Committee of Laskuy township orders shop owners to sell alcohol and cigarettes.

Photo Credit:
Radio Free Asia

5) the Education Bureau in the city of Tarbaghatay, or Tacheng in Mandarin, instructed schools to advise students of several imperatives: “[D]o not fast, do not enter mosques … and do not attend religious activities.”

6) the state publicity agency has launched a series of short online propaganda films earlier this month to “counter religious extremism.” One of the 10 films, titled“Fasting”, told the story of a Muslim schoolgirl who was instructed by her father to fast during Ramadan after celebrating her 10th birthday. She collapsed in school and hospitalized due to malnutrition. The six-minute film ended with the guilty father apologizing and offering food to his daughter.

Comforting Verses to the Oppressed Uyghur Muslim of China from Quran

The communist party of china is acting like the people of the jahilia era (pre-Islamic era).
It goes without saying that in an environment where no divine law is obeyed and no human right is respected, the strong will forcibly violate the honour, property, and chastity of the defenceless people,

A careful and just survey of the conditions of the Muslims at the beginning of Islam reveals the significant fact that In spite of all the brutal methods that the infidel Quraysh utilized in their struggles against Islam, the Holy Prophet and the Muslims, Islam advanced and people remained firm in their belief.

The Muslims underwent extremely severe torture, sufferings, and hardships and showed admirable patience in following this honorable path to guidance.They faced prosecution but still remained firm in their faith.Allah says in Quran, Surah Ankabut (29:2)

(29:2) Do people think that they will be let go merely by saying: “We believe,” and that they will not be tested.”

When this was said, the conditions prevailing in Makkah was extremely trying. Whoever accepted Islam was made a target of tyranny and humiliation and persecution. If he was a slave or a poor person, he was beaten and subjected to unbearable tortures. If he was a shopkeeper or artisan, he was made to suffer economic hardships, even starvation. If he was a member of an influential family, his own people would tease and harass him in different ways and make life difficult for him. This had created an atmosphere of fear and fright in Makkah, due to which most people were afraid of believing in the Prophet (peace be upon him) although they acknowledged him to be a true Prophet (peace be upon him) in their hearts; and some others who believed would lose heart soon afterwards and would submit and yield to the disbelievers when they confronted dreadful persecutions.

In order to change this state of agitation into forbearance, Allah tells the believers, “No one can become worthy of Our promises of success in the world and the Hereafter merely by verbal profession of the faith, but every claimant to the faith will have to pass through trials and tribulations so as to furnish proof of the truth of his claim.

In the initial stage of life at Madinah, after the migration, when the Muslims were in great trouble on account of economic hardships, external dangers and internal villainy of the Jews and the hypocrites, Allah said: “Do you think that you will enter Paradise without undergoing such trials as were experienced by the believers before you? They met with adversity and affliction and were so shaken by trials that the Prophet of the time and his followers cried out, when will Allah’s help come? (Then only they were comforted with the good tidings:) “Yes, Allah’s help is near!”‘ (Al-Baqarah: 214). Likewise, when after the Battle of Uhud, the Muslims again confronted a period of afflictions, it was said: “Do you think that you will enter Paradise without undergoing any trial? whereas Allah has not yet tried you to see who among you are ready to lay down their lives in His way and who will show fortitude for His sake.”  (Al-Imran: 142). Almost the same thing has been said in AI-Imran: 179, Taubah: 16 and Surah Muhammad: 31. Allah in these verses has impressed on the Muslims that trial is the touchstone by which the pure and the impure are judged. The impure is turned aside by Allah and the pure is selected so that Allah may honour them with His favours which the sincere believers only deserve.

A muslim of china or any part of the world will not get demoralise or deviate from his faith.
A muslim knows that this life is a mere journey and the end of all hardship is rewarding.

2) Tafseer al quran.