lgbt and muslim

You can’t be a LGBT and Muslim .Ten ways to escape being homosexual.

1)INTROSPECT:-Look into the mirror and speak to yourself that if I am not suppose to be homosexual, how can I be?You admire a 6 pack body of mr XYX,and it doesn’t makes you a gay.And you are not available.

2)PURPOSE OF LIFE:-Know that life is a test and you will pass only if you act on God’s command. God has forbidden it and there are proofs.So    I am not going to encourage LGBT. read the verses depicting hell fire

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3)GOD’S WARNING:-Read the verses of Quran again and again when you feel you are gay/lesban r a LGBT supporter. continuously read,      reflect and meditate on the verses of the Qur’an that deal with the punishment meted to the nation who practiced this abomination..warning from Quran

4)LEGAL DOESN’T MEAN PERMISSABLE:-It is legal in America that doesn’t make it a good thing.Homsexuality was wrong and it will continue to be.Instead of wearing a LGBT flag rather wear modesty. convince yourself that the pleasure that you derives from such an abominable behavior is in reality nothing but pain and suffering in the long term.

5)MARRY OPPOSITE SEX:- Marry a girl to fulfill your physical needs.She is made for you.She will bear you children and you will relish the feeling of being a dad.

6)START AFRESH:-Remove Yourself From Anything Even Remotely Gay:Don’t watch porn (again, it’s only a gay thing), don’t go on gay websites, and most of all, certainly don’t associate with gay people. Any of those things might make you feel like your homosexuality is a natural part of your identity and can be accepted by those around you.If needed, relocate yourself to a new place and start afresh.

7)MEDITATE:-Meditation helps. meditate on the ephemeral and transient nature of this world. The pleasures of this world are fleeting while the pleasure and pain of Hereafter are ever lasting.

8)ENGAGE:-Keep yourself distarcted with other things that you love.Make dhikr of Allah.

9)PAST IS PAST:-Don’t actually think about your experiences or emotions,  just  say that you’re wrong and you need help.Take Help from the almighty by making dhikr and dua’ a constant companion. By seeking Allah’s help to fight this behavior, one can surely overcome and break free of this abomination. Allah has promised to come to the help of those who strive in His way: (As for those who strive for Our sake, We will guide them unto Our ways; verily, Allah is with those who behave with excellence.) (Al-Ankabut 29: 69)

10)DETERMINATION WORKS:-You can come out of it . It’s possible.
Your determination will make it possible Yes, You are free and normal and you actually feel good.

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