My First Visit to Madina Munawarrah


The Awe of Madina

I had waited long to see Madina,the City of my beloved Prophet (Sallalahu alaihi Wassalam). During my College days,I had a big poster of Masjid Nabawi in my hostel room .I used to wake up and see it first and after salah I always prayed to Allah to give me a chance to visit his house and the resting place of my beloved Prophet . I had cried a number of times reading the seerah of Prophet. I  had read about the struggle of Sahabas how they used to travel under the scorching sun barefoot with hardly any food or water . I wanted to see the place.The place which had witnessed many Prophets,the place where Islam emerged and triumphed and I wanted to go to Masjid Nabawi and Offer my Salam to my Prohet (pbuh) . Alhumdulillah,now I live in Madina . Allah fulfilled my desire to see Madina by getting me married to my husband who works in madina. I still remember my first journey to Madina .The awe that struck me when I witnessed the place is beyond words. I simply cannot justify my feelings by penning it down ,but I am writing this article for all the Madina lovers who wish to see Madina. May Allah fulfill your wishes too as he has fulfilled my wish of seeing  Madina.

My first visit to Madina was in our Private Car . I looked out of the window and stared at the glaring desert sand and the black specked hills throughout the journey  and  wondered what it was like during the age of the prophet Sallalahu alihi Wassalam. I was crossing the desert in the Comfort of my air conditioned car, but the Arabs of yesteryear crosses these deserts by camel.

When my eyes sighted the magnificent GREEN DOME of Masjid un Nabawi it was as if a bolt from the sky had struck me.I began to tremble , for I did know this much , that under the dome lies buried the Noblest of all men , the mercy sent to both worlds, Rasoollullah Sallalahu alaihi Wassalam.

I stood for a while & wondered back into history…it was here in the city of Madina that the Prophet (pbuh)
established his Sunnah, defended our Islam and proclaimed the very deen of Islam.

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I humbly traced my steps towards the Masjid. increasing durood . At last there in front stood the Mosque of the Prophet
,with its minarets reaching into the sky and standing sentry to the magnificent GREEN DOME. For a moment, all came to a standstill and the intense feeling of belonging summoned the mind to call back the past, to ascertain the origin & devotional love & sacrifice to those who dedicated their lives in building & preserving the marvel of Islam….history records that..


Before I entered the Masjid, I looked down and imagined that I was hearing the mubarak footsteps of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)
, walking from the galleys of Madina, following behind were the noblest of companions (R.A) ; all heading towards the Holy Masjid

I feel sad & regretful that we had missed the era when there were such noble personalities as the illustrious Sahabas (R.A) stalking & emulating every minute trait of the Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wassalam.

As I looked up & freed my mind to wander along the walls, pillars, design & calligraphy, I wondered where the blessed and gifted servants of Allah had over the past years prayed & offered salutations to the Prophet

The awe & noor of the Masjid Nabawi brought tears in my eyes .My heart became heavy and my feet felt Paralyzed .With much difficulty, I got up & like a frightened & disobedient child dragged myself towards the Roudhah  Mubarak.

The first meeting is truly beyond words. From a feeling of emptiness than a sudden rise in enthusiasm , followed by a cool trembling accompanied by a torrent of tears…

Subhan Allah…Allahu Akbar..

This Reminds me of a Poem,

Quran ad

Al Madinatul Munawarah, Oh enlightened city!
Al Madinatul Munawarah, even in my sleep you call to me.

Time has hurried by, time has traveled on so fast
And though wisdom and truth will always last
I wish, I wish, I wish that I could climb into the past
And live with the Prophet in Madina.
Madina Tun-Nabi, Madina Tun-Nabi,
The city of the prophet is like home to me.
I’ll travel through the world but I doubt that I will see
A city with such wonder as Madina.
My heart is never far from the home of the Ansar
And the city of the prophet, Al-Madina

Madina reminds of almost of jannah on earth . What a beatiful Place and what a sweetness in the air ! I felt the Presence of My prophet in it . I had the Opportunity to read Salah on Rawdah-the green carpet of Paradise.

Here is an Account of My experience in Rawdah


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  1. Assalam O Alikum, as though your wish had come true… May Allah chose me as well and provide me the wishes of my heart. (Ameen)
    Thanks for sharing your amazing experience;

  2. assalam-o-alaikum as ur desire has come true…may Allah chooses me too and fulfil my desires
    thanks for sharing ur wonderful experience
    i loved it em impressed by ur habit of seeing the first thing in morning roza mubarak i will also follow it inshallah

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