She stood at the balcony,
waiting with pleading eyes.
waiting for someone,
Maybe her Only son.

Wrinkled and Weak,
a mother in her 70s.
her son does not call her frequently
all he gave her is money.
Her heart craves for Love and respect
a queen she was, when she was at her best.
Now People ignore her & don’t give her respect.
sad and helpless, she is slowly crumbling to death.

Parents, “Do you know who are they?”
They are the means you are blessed with these bounties.
It is they who endured for you hardships and difficulties.
And when they come to Old age, What do you do?
Treat them harshly, disobey and ignore.
Doesn’t the Quran say, “Never rebuke or tell them Uff?
Speak to them gently and always be humble.

Ya Rabb, Be compassionate and show them mercy.
They raised me when I was young.
Ya Rabb, You know best what is in our heart,
Whatever I do I can never fulfill their rights forever.

Last week I wrote about the pain the mother undergoes when she miscarries. Today I would like to stress the importance of being dutiful to our Parents, respecting them and caring for them.

I was reading the Quran, Surah Al Isra verse 24. I would underline some lessons I took from this verse and how we can implement this in our life to earn the rad’aa of our Rabb.

5 golden rule of treating Parents in their Old age.

  1. May we never utter words of disrespect that hurts them.
  2. Never rebuke them in any way. They took care of us when we were young.
  3. Speak to them gently. In fact Saeed bin Musayyab RA mentioned that Parents should be addressed the way a slave address an extremely harsh and uncompromising master.
  4. Even If the parents swear and scold the child, he should merely say,”May Allah have mercy on you”
  5. Parents are the means to attaining Jannah and also the sabab of going into Jahannam. If the parents are treated well and cared for, their children will be admitted to Jannah. And if the children do not fulfill the right of their parents, these children may enter Jahannum.

May Allah make us dutiful to our Parents and help us fulfill their rights.

Dua for sick parents