Muslim Miscarriage Support

Loss of a child is the biggest trial one can face. It can not only break you but can also push you into the zone of depression. It is very important that you give yourself some time to heal and acquaint yourself with the glad tiding which Allah and his Rasul gives you in lieu of the greatest trial that you just passed and did sabr and shukr on.

Muslim Miscarriage Support
Muslim Miscarriage Support

Let us read a poem,written by a bereaved mother on the loss of her children.

Quran learning
Muslim Miscarriage Support and few words to bereaved Parents. 9

He left her.
Left her without being cuddled
Left her without getting into her arms.

He was buried
And his aqeeqa was done.
He was named Umar
a wonderful Son he would have become.

The Parents were waiting,
waiting for their bundle of joy
Then it was written for him
Written that he’d not Survive
Written that he’d leave them with empty arms.
Written that he Would join his sister Asma,
in the garden of Paradise.
Imagine the grief of the Parents who lost two of their child

One by one the mourners came and left
And many many beautiful things were said

They said to have tawakkul and sabr,
what was destined had indeed occured.
but among the most beautiful thing that was heard
Was the voice of the one who carried him
It Was the voice of his mother
the Person who lost her everything.

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah
Inna lillahe wa inna ilaehe rajeun
She met everyone with a smile she forced
her heart was crying and filled with remorse

Her lips were wet with hamd of Allah
her heart was grieved but did shukr of Allah
She Gave strength to those far and near
For the death of a child so dear to her

On the day of resurrection
when everyone shall be scared,
there will be someone pleading for her with the rabb
and would refuse to go to jannah
without her,his dear mother

On that day when there would no hope
for others
there will be someone who would hold her
with her umblical cord
and drag her to jannah
to be there forever.

And when she shall go near to jannah
she would find him ahead of her
opening the gates of jannah
with all the love he could give her

Muslim Miscarriage Support and few words to bereaved Parents. 10

Allah says that even on the loss of child
what my servant did was to praise
build for them a house in Jannah
and call it the house of Praise.

This is the sweetness of Imaan.
This is the rahmat of Ar Rahman.
Do Sabr and Shukr
And he would definitely strengthen your Imaan

-By Aafiya

Do you know that Umm al-Darda’ ra would say: “Those that gladly accept the Divine decree have a level in Paradise that the Shuhada’ will envy them the Day of Resurrection.” 

The Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said,“The miscarried child will pester its glorious and mighty Lord for His entering its two parents into the Fire until it is told, ‘O miscarried child that pesters its Lord! Enter your father and mother into Paradise.’ Then it will drag them with its umbilical cord until it makes them enter Paradise.” (Ibn Majah and Abu Ya`la from `Ali)

And again,

“By the One in Whose hand is my soul, truly the miscarried child will certainly drag its mother with its umbilical cord to Paradise, provided one expects recompense [for sabr (patience)].” (Ibn Majah and Ahmad from Mu`adh)

And he said, upon him peace:“Your little ones are the larvas (da`aamees) of Paradise. They will meet their parents and grab them by their garments or their hands to no end other than that Allah will enter them Paradise.” (Sahih Muslim)Isn’t that a divine reward for your heartache?

Also, the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasalam) said:

“I swear that a miscarried child of mine I send forth before me is more beloved to me than [raising] a mounted knight that survives me.” (Ibn Majah from Abu Hurayrah)

Fortitude with faith and surrender with ridaa – absolute acceptance – through losing a child, require inordinate strength of character because SABR carries huge reward and its difficulty means even more reward.“And whoever yatasabbaru (=is racked trying to endure in patience), Allah will grant them SABR, and none was ever given a greater gift than SABR.” (narrated in the Five Books).Hence the magnificent, tremendous ayah states:{Verily the saabiroon (patient ones) will receive a reward without measure} (39:10).

Al-Tirmidhi narrated that Abu Sinaan said, “I buried my son Sinaan and Abu Talhah al-Khoolani was sitting at the graveside. When I wanted to go out he took my hand and said, “Shall I not give you some glad tidings, O Abu Sinaan?” I said, “Yes”. He said, “Al-Dahhaak ibn “Abd al-Rahmaan ibn Arzab narrated to me from Abu Moosa al-Ashari that the Messenger of Allah SAW said,

“When a person’s child dies, Allah says to His angels, “you have taken the child of My slave”, they say “Yes.” He says, “you have taken the apple of his eye”. They say, “yes”. He says “What did My slave say?” They say, “he praised you and said ‘inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raajioon’. Allah says, “build for My slave a house in Paradise and call it the house of praise.”

So do not despair in the mercy of Allah. Do not be Sad. Keep making dua indeed Allah does not let a single dua go into vain. Yes, Losing a child is an incredibly difficult experience to go through, but as Muslims we are fortunate to be promised the best reward for our patience. If you feel lonely and heartbroken and want to talk , you can message me at [email protected] .I will try to reply to you as soon as it is possible.

Muslim Miscarriage Support system should be strengthened and we should help our sisters in emotional need.

Take Care. Keep in Dua.