Paul Pogba doing Umrah in Ramadan 2017 :Paul Pogba ,World’s most expensive player marks fasting month by giving thanks to Allah

May his umrah be a means of guiding humanity to Islam.

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has flown to Saudi Arabia to mark the start of the Muslim holy month Ramadan just three days after lifting the Europa League trophy with victory over Ajax in Stockholm.

Internationally, at under-20 level, he captained his nation to victory at the 2013 FIFA World Cup and took home the Best Player award for his performances during the tournament.He made his debut for the senior French national team in 2013 in a 3–1 win against Georgia, and scored his first World Cup goal on June 30, 2014, against Nigeria.
Pogba wore simple white garments and sported a new low-key hairstyle as he was spotted ahead of his pilgrimage to Mecca after Saturday marked the start of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.

Quran learning
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Pogba posted a video on Instagram of him twirling his luggage outside his home in Manchester, telling his followers: ‘On my way to go say thank you for this season. See you soon Manchester! En route to my prayers.’

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The 24-year-old Muslim was praising Allah in Makkah in a video that went viral on his Facebook page and Instagram account, where he was performing Umrah wearing ihram while (Tarawih) in prayer.
Tarawih refers to extra prayers performed by Sunni Muslims at night during Ramadan.
He commented below his Instagram post, “Ramadan Kareem, Bon Ramadan #makkah #blessed.”
This was not his first time to visit Makkah. He had previously performed Haj. Haj is the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah.
Some of Umrah performers were lucky enough to spot him in the crowd and stopped to take selfies with him.
Many people reacted positively to his posts on social media because he was a celebrity not only focusing on the worldly wealth, but who also remains aware of his religious duties as a Muslim.

And he meets the Imam of Masjid Nabawi

Paul Pogba Doing Umrah In Ramadan 2017

Paul Pogba doing Umrah in Ramadan 2017 Paul Pogba meets the Imam of Masjid Nabawi

Paul Pogba doing Umrah in Ramadan 2017 15

Ref : Arab News