Planning Umrah With Infant/Baby? This bag is a lifesaver

Planning Umrah With Infant/Baby? This bag is a lifesaver

Planning Umrah with a Baby? Pick this Handy Bag to ease your Stress

Are You Planning for Umrah and you are Worried  because you will be doing Umrah with your  baby? The Concern is genuine .  A day out with a small baby becomes a nightmare if you do not prepare well in advance.

Let me  first tell you about my own experience . I did my Umrah (probably 4th or 5th) with a 41 days  Old baby.Yes,She was hardly a month Old . Alhumdulillah ! My Motherhood was New and the experience of Umrah with a baby was new too . There are Probably changing station inside Haram Toilets but I didn’t use them as the One I was shown was very dangerous .It was Just One hand space and there was a risk to the safety of the baby . I Remember,The Time of Diaper changing was Particularly a very  stressful time for Me . And sometimes,When It is just you and your Husband doing Umrah ,You need to ask Someone to hold your baby inside the ladies toilet . I always wished for some Magic stuff ,Some Bag that  has the potential of  becoming  a bassinet to your baby whenever you want it .Moreover you can place your baby in it safely without his/her chance to get stamped and it proves to be a lifesaver when you don’t get a place on the carpet and you have to sit on the cold floor. Needless to say that your baby will love the comfort.

I was unaware of this Product back then. But In my Last Umrah, A friend of Mine showed me this Product and asked me to Write about it . With the Intention that this Useful Baby Carrying Infant diaper Bag  may ease the Worries of thousands of Mom who plan their Umrah with Kids,I am writing this Post for all sisters who drop their Plan of Umrah because of Small babies .

It is also Called Boxum 3 in 1 – Diaper Bag .Boxum’s easy to carry bag combines a traditional diaper bag with a portable bassinet and change table!

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baby-umrah-diaper-bag-umrah with infant

It is a travel bassinet that folds into the size of a regular diaper bag, giving you the freedom to carry your bassinet with ease while still retaining room for all your baby’s essentials. The waterproof wipe clean mattress and machine washable cloth top sheet making cleaning up leaks a breeze!

There are 5 zip compartments for storing diapers, creams, wipes and other baby necessities with 2 insulated bottle warmers included.It also has a sturdy construction with slim mattress base, so that baby can have a comfortable sleep.

           It is Not Only  meant for Umrah. You Can Use it anywhere,Anytime .

umrah with infant


It is available in two Colours :Charcoal and Cream.Do You Like it?If you want one,

You can get it Here

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