Signature Campaign against Uniform Civil Code in India


Standing Up for Protection of Shariah Law in India

Amidst row over “triple talaq”, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has  started a nation-wide signature campaign among Muslims against the central government affidavit in the Supreme Court on the matter of imposing a uniform Civil Code.

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With support pouring in from both men and women, the signature campaign’s purpose is to safeguard both Shariat and the Constitutional rights of Indian Muslims, said Eidgah Imam Maulana Khalid Rashid, who is also a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB).

Prior to the signatures, Maulana Rashid in his ‘khutba’ before the Jumah prayers said, “This is a clear interference to belittle the Muslim Sharia and we are ready to defend it and our democratic right to practice our religion.” The submission of signatures will continue at the Eidgah till October 30. Burqa-clad Noor Bano from Maulviganj, who was present after the prayers to register her protest, agsainst what she called ‘meddling in the ways of Muslim laws’, said, “It is said that AIMPLB curtails our rights as women, but that is a false propaganda. We are happy with the body and its decisions and Muslim law. There is no need for the government to intervene and change it,” she said.

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Those present in the protest agreed with the Imam in unison for standing up for protection of Muslim laws. Shoeb Ahmed (57) claimed that the issue was being raised only for political gains. “The Muslim law is only an issue before elections when some or the other party wants to term itself as the saviour of Muslims, particularly its women. While on the ground, all is well within the community that has no problems with following it,” he said.

Sign The Petition , If You do not want the Indian Government to change the Rulings of Islamic Shariah


If you are against of Uniform Civil Code and you do not want any changes in rulings of Islamic Shariah, particularly Nikah, Inheritance, Divorce, Khula, Faskh (Dissolution of Marriage) and Waqf, please take a few seconds to sign this petition.

“More than 29,000 people have already signed the petition and the count is increasing every hour,”

Sign The Petition

News Source :Times of India



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  1. instead of uniform civil code the present govt should work for the upliftment of women in their own religion Our SHARIAT LAW is already the best thanks it doesnt need any change

  2. Well I m against not shariah rule.But freedom is our right n our community women also. triple talaq has stop.Women need not to depend on men.
    Try to understand by a girl point view because it is impossible to keep eye on all husband in India.
    Just imagine if triple talaq is happen with your own sister. It gonna spoil her life and your family.
    It just like murdering her.
    Triple talaq is already banned in 5 muslim country including Saudi.

  3. No interference please.Sharia law and rulings can not be put on test by any other touch stone.Believers have only one choice i.e shariah .We Support the Shariah Law .

    A good muslim will never choose tripple talaq to end relation.
    Human being act differently in same situation.Normal human behaves normaly.
    There are some muslims who are not normal and have no self control and use this in frenzy and commit a sin.Which is not good but if such people are restrained they may resort to other illegal act to eliminate the strained relation(by killing).Thus they will be committing a crime and sin also.

  4. MashAllah sister, I always follow your blog and I am proud to have a sister like you in Ummah, who keep a close Chck around countries, sister I would like an inspirational blog from ur side in relation wid our shariah, if possible, JAZAKALLAH 🙂

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