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       Book review of Polygamy in Islam

Polygamy in Islam is a favourite topic for the  critics of Islam.The so called secular and western global domination has maligned the subject to the extent that its impact is felt worldwide.The book “Polygamy in Islam answers the critics in a beautiful manner

Polygamy in islam

Before Introducing you to the book ,let me in short answer this question,”Why Islam Permits 4 Wives? ”

Marriage to more than one wife at the same time – Polygamy – is a practice as old as the history of man, and is allowed in Islamic law. Among others, Polygamy was well known to the Ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Assyrians, Japanese, Hindus, Russians and Germanic peoples. All previous revealed religions practiced and condoned Polygamy. The Old and New Testaments are at the foremost in the list of the religious Books that legalized and practiced it. Many of the Prophets of Allah before Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) entered into plural marriages. Prophet Abraham had two wives; Prophet Jacob had four wives; and Prophet David had ninety-nine wives (may Allah exalt their mention). Prophet Solomon (may Allah exalt their mention) had seven hundred wives who were free noble women, and three hundred other wives who were slave women.

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Nowhere does the law of the Prophet Moses (may Allah exalt their mention) set or determine a specific number of wives to which a husband was entitled. The compilers of the Talmud, who lived around Jerusalem, decided upon a certain number of wives for a man, and some Jewish scholars only permitted a second wife or more if the first wife was permanently ill or barren. Still other Jewish scholars did not permit plural marriages at all. In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus is commissioned to comply with and complete the Laws of Moses (may Allah exalt their mention) and there is not a single quote in the Bible that forbids plural marriage. The prohibition of plural marriages in Christianity came about only as a result of legislation set forth certain segments of the Christian church, and not by the original teachings of Christianity itself. For this reason we find many examples of Christians taking multiple wives. The Irish king, Ditharmet, for instance, had two wives. King Frederick the Second had two wives with the church’s approval. Thus, it must be noticed that prohibition was in the hands of the priests of the church, and not in accordance with any universally recognized original law of Jesus Christ himself (may Allah exalt their mention). Martin Luther, the German priest who first established the Protestant sect, considered plural marriage acceptable and advocated it on many occasions.

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Islam limited the Number of wife as Four : Not Obligatory but Permitted

Polygamy was well known amongst pagan Arab tribes prior to the advent of Islam but there was no limitation for the number of wives, like in the cases of some of the Prophets mentioned above. With the advent of Islam, the Islamic law condoned Polygamy but a man was limited to only four wives, and specific rules regulated these marriages. There are numerous examples in the authentic traditions wherein the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon Him) obligated those who had more than four wives, when they accepted Islam, to choose four and divorce the rest honorably.

Allah, the Most Beneficent, said: (And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry (other) women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or (the captives and the slaves) that your right hands possess. That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice.) [4:3]

Thus we see that strict justice and fairness in treatment, and avoiding any injustice and wrong practices against all wives, is stipulated and conditional for those who wish to take more than one wife. The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon Him) warned against favoritism saying:

“He who has two wives and is not just between them, he will come on the Day of Resurrection with one of his sides fallen.” [Abu Dawood 2133 & Tirmidhi 1141 and verified]

Reference: I took the above Answer from the book polygamy in Islam written by Dr Bilal Philips.If You Want to read more and find more answers on this topic”Why Islam Permits 4 Wives? You Can Read this book.

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About “Polygamy in Islam “


The book answers Why Islam permits  4 wives?It is the third edition of the book “plural marriages in Islam”.


Author of the book ,”Polygamy in Islam”are Bilal Philips & Jameelah Jones

Why read this book

1) This book” Polygamy is Islam “is the only book of its kind in English which is devoted solely to the highly controversial topic of polygamy in Islam

2)It can be read with profit by all unprejudiced readers who wish to know its justification and rationale. One of the greatest contrasts between Islam and the West is their conflicting concepts of relations between the sexes. Indeed, the very first question a Muslim convert is confronted with by an American or European is ‘Why does Islam allow four wives?’ This book…replies straightforwardly to that question and much more.

3)It contains the basic guidelines for anyone interested in  understanding the rights and obligations of males and females.

What topics does the book covers:

The book covers the topic of polygamy in four chapters:

1)The First chapter brings out some interesting facts:

a)The early christians were polygynous and there is no scriptural account of jesus prohibiting polygyny.

b)Monogyny is maintained to protect the rights of women,but since when has the westrern male been concerned about women’s rights?Western society is riddled through and through with economic practises which oppresses women and led to upserge of women’s liberation movement in recent yearsfrom suffragwttes of early nineteen hundreds to ERA’S  of today.

c)Polygyny protects males

2)The Second chapter of the book talks about Marriages in Islam

It talks about the rights and duties of husband and wives in Islam

3)The Third section about the legality of polygyny

It also talks about the sex drives of men how men are easily sexually aroused than women.And talks about high frequency of premature ejaculation in men and statistics of vast number of women who never influence orgasm in their marriage.

It also talks about the subject of Veil.

4)The Fouth chapter talks about divisions in plural marriages

The fourth chapter talks about cojugal rights in marriages and the principle of equality.It basically tells how to manage 4 wives giving equal dignity to all.

Product Details:

  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH); 2nd edition (2005)
  • Language: English

Do you want to read this book? You can get it here :Polygamy in Islam”