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Let us See If you can score 10/10 in this incredibly easy Quran Quiz

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What is the topic of quran ?

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Name the Prophet whose name is mentioned and discussed most in the Quran?

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In Qur'an mankind is divided into two groups. Which are those two groups?

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Which is the longest Surah (Chapter) in the Quran?

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Which is the smallest Surah in the Quran?

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In which Surah (Chapter) of the Qur'an Bismillah is repeated twice?

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Which is the Surah (Chapter) that does start without Bismillah?

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Which is the only book that is completely memorized by millions of people in the world?

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How many Manzils (stages) are there in the Quran?

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Who was the fist Person who counted the Ayaah of the Quran ?

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Quran Quiz-Part1
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  1. avatar of irfana

    Love it.Waiting for more.

  2. avatar of rasheed zakariyya-gobir
    Rasheed Zakariyya-Gobir

    Waalaykumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Sister Aafia,jazakumullahu khayran, may Allah grant and accept our prayers, may Allah increase our knowledge beneficially, grant us pure wealth,acceptable deeds, good in this world and the hereafter.

  3. avatar of rayeesa tabassum
    Rayeesa Tabassum

    Loved it. May Allah reward you. jazakAllah khair.

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