dua for safe travel

Rabbi Anzilni Munzalan Dua, Dua for Safe travel


Rabbi Anzilni Munzalan Dua, Dua for Safe travel

Whether it’s a road trip, a flight to a far-off land, or even a simple commute, ensuring your safety during travel is crucial. And guess what? There’s a powerful tool in your pocket – Dua. Yep, it’s relying on Allah to take you safe to your destination.

Rabbi Anzilni Munzalan Dua In Arabic :

رَّبِّ أَنزِلْنِى مُنزَلًا مُّبَارَكًا وَأَنتَ خَيْرُ ٱلْمُنزِلِينَ

Transliteration of this ayat to help with pronunciation:

  1. rabbi anzilni munzalan mubarokan wa anta khairul munzilin or
  2. rabbi anzilni munzalan mubarakan wa anta khayru almunzileena
rabbi anzilni munzalan dua, dua for safe travel

Rabbi Anzilni Munzalan Dua meaning

The translation of this rabbi anzilni munzalan dua is “My Lord, let me land at a blessed landing place, and You are the best to accommodate [us].”

Quran ad

Other translations :

MUHSIN KHAN And say: “My Lord! Cause me to land at a blessed landing-place, for You are the Best of those who bring to land.”

PICKTHALL And say: My Lord! Cause me to land at a blessed landing-place, for Thou art Best of all who bring to land.

THE CLEAR QURAN And pray, “My Lord! Allow me a blessed landing, for You are the best accommodator.”

ABDUL HALEEM and say, “My Lord, let me land with Your blessing: it is You who provide the best landings”.’

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Reference of Dua for safe travel from Quran

 Rabbi Anzilni Munzalan dua is from Surah Al Muminun ayat 29. 

When you offer a heartfelt Dua for safe travel, you’re not just asking for a seamless journey. You’re also seeking protection from all the things that might come your way – the bumpy roads, the unexpected delays, and anything that might make your adventure a bit challenging.

Remember, just like a travel itinerary, consistency is key. Dua isn’t a one-time request; it’s an ongoing conversation. Keep checking in with Allah before you set off, during the journey, and when you arrive. It’s like sending little messages of hope and safety.

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