Rachid Nekkaz -A perfect Example of Religious Tolerance

Religious intolerance is a Practice of an Individual or a group (e.g., a society, religious group, non-religious group) specifically refuses to tolerate practices, persons or beliefs on religious grounds.Burqa has been on attack for Over years.

This is the Story of an Algerian Bussinessman Rachid Nekkaz who had no Interest in Religious connection of Muslim woman with Burqa but he strongly supported the freedom of Democracy-“The Freedom to wear what you want”.

Rachid nekkaz

Rachid Nekkaz and his Organisation which Payed fine for Woan Wearing Burqa

Rachid Nekkaz, is an Algerian businessman and political activist.In 2010 he founded the organisation “Touche pas à ma constitution” (English: “Don’t touch my constitution”, a play on the slogan of the NGO SOS Racisme: Touche pas à mon pote), which pledged to pay the fine of any women convicted of wearing the burqa in public. He announced that he was committing 2 million euro to this campaign.He travelled to Brussels in August 2011 to pay the fines of two women convicted for the same offence.

Freedom to wear what You want

” Rachid Nekkaz and his wife said in an Interview that the issue is not about the burka, but about the freedom to wear what you want in the street.

They were not doing that out of any kind of religious conviction. Rather, they see the law as an affront to constitutional rights in France.

Le Roux insists that neither she nor her husband believe in the burka.

“I don’t think it’s comfortable to talk to someone in a burka because it’s difficult to see the person,” she says. “However, what I do believe is that personal freedom is sacred in a democratic, Western country.”Rachid  Nekkaz created a million-euro fund called the “Fund for the defence of laicity and liberty” from which he says he will pay all fines imposed on women for wearing the niqab in public. He had also threatened to take both Belgium and France – where a similar law exists – to the European Court of Human Rights. ”

Article excrept taken from News 2011