Refuting ISIS 

by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi: (Review)

Read the full book review of the book “REFUTING ISIS”.This book is among one of the bestseller book of 2015.It explains how unislamic is ISIS and how Islam doesn’t approve their actions.

Refuting Isis

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Subject of the book:

Rebutal of Religious and ideological foundation of ISIS,(The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq )


This is an easy to read book written in clear English prose. Shaykh Muhammad Yaqoubi’s methodology is to present a scholarly robust and yet simple rebuttal of the ISIS methodology without resorting to academic pedantry. Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi  is a world-renowned Islamic scholar of theology, jurisprudence, Prophetic tradition, and a spiritual leader to  500 most influential Muslims in the world for the past five years ( is one of the first scholars to speak up against the Assad regime and subsequently, against the rise of ISIS, denouncing its atrocities and proving its actions to be un-Islamic.

Why read this book:

ISIS is trying to brand Islam.People are judging Islam by the action of Islamic states.They give distorted reference from Quran and hadith and People who don’t know about Islam or know very little tend to think bad of Islam.ISIS has based its ideology on a superficial and literalist approach to the Sacred Texts of Islam – the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic

Tradition,it is trying to lure people to join its group,promising caliphate.ISIS has not only manipulated the religion but has brainwash angry young Muslims, who have little knowledge of Islamic theology and jurisprudence.There is a big differece of opinion even among muslims with regards to ISIS.

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This book gives a plethora of proofs that demonstrates ISIS’ actions do not represent Sunni Islam and its claims are based on clear fallacies.Authentic quotes and references are given that destroy the allegations of ISIS.Unlike similar books on the abstract subject of terrorism, this book is written by keeping in mind those people whose encounter with ISIS is not a distant news report but their bitter ground reality.

The book is to appeal to five types of audiences:

(1) the vulnerable Muslim youth who sees in the ISIS propaganda a religiously sanctioned outlet for his machismo;

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(2) The ISIS neophyte who is in dire need of weaning out of his terrible liminality by demonstrating that the ISIS ‘gangster’ methodology has no place in Islam;

(3) the average Muslim who is perplexed by some of the theological and legal challenges brought about as a result of the emergence of ISIS;

(4) fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to pacify their conscience that not only is it Islamically legitimate to fight ISIS but it’s a religious obligation for those in the region to do so; finally

(5) to silence the annoyingly clanging crescendo of Western politicians and critics that Muslim scholars are not speaking out against ISIS. One only needs to enter the search criterion ‘Muslim scholars condemn ISIS’ in to Google search to see how far from the truth their contention is.

The original contribution and the most interesting part of the book is its first chapter: ‘In the words of ISIS’. In this chapter, the author is quoting, evaluating and critiquing quotations taken directly from ISIS literature. The media bias against Muslims has created a deep suspicion amongst Muslims regarding anything which the media reports about Islam.

This has led many Muslims to take a non-committed position regarding the atrocities of ISIS as they are reported in the media. Shaykh Yaqoubi’s critical interrogation of ISIS literature, his political activism and intimate knowledge of the conditions in the Levant coupled with his deep understanding of the Islamic scholarly tradition should leave no doubts in the minds of Muslims that the way of ISIS is not the way of Islam.

Second edition

The second edition of the book comes after the heinous attacks that ISIS perpetrated in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, France, the USA and Indonesia. These attacks, which must be condemned by Muslim scholars and preachers around the world, are another testimony that, by killing women, children, and civilians, ISIS betrayed Islam, betrayed the Holy Quran, and betrayed the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

After the overwhelming response to the first edition, the author felt the need for a second edition that quenches the thirst of the readers with more details. He penned this second edition to further elaborate on many important topics, such as the prohibition of burning human beings, the abolition of slavery, and Islam’s position towards minorities.

New subjects are also tackled, such as the invalidity of excommunicating Muslim rulers for not applying certain aspects of Shari’ah, Islam’s position towards democracy, and the prohibition of destroying pre-Islamic monuments and sacred sites. Several other topics benefitted from more rigorous proofs, especially the section confirming that ISIS criminals have left the fold of Islam and are no longer Muslims.

What other buyers say:

  • One of the best books on the subject. It is extremely concise, well written and easily digested by the layperson. It is an absolute must have for anyone who is interested in the subject, even at a peripheral level.
  • It succinctly dismantles the foundations of ISIS and comprehensively covers an array of issues
  • This book will definitely remove any confusion or misconceptions of Islam from the minds of people who view Islam in a negative way.
  • The quotations and references are authentic and pinpoints all false claims of ISIS
  • People should be made aware that ISIS do not represent Islam,it is just another extremist group.So definately,a must read.

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