The Islamophobia Industry book review

Today,Islamophobia in America,UK and canada  is growing at a much rapid phase. Muslims are under attack on the job, in the media, in schools and other such places. Muslims have to use constitutional methods of protest, education and legal recourse to obtain justice against the offenders.

The extent to which Muslims in the UK are living in a “new normal environment of hate” has come to light in an “alarming” new report from the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

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The advocacy organisation carried out a study into daily experiences of British Muslims to find a sharp rise in the number of people reporting verbal abuse. There has also been an increase in the number of physical attacks since the survey was last conducted in 2010.

From the 1,800 surveys conducted, results showed that, between 2010 and 2014, the number of people who reported seeing Islamophobia directed at someone else spiked from 50 per cent to 82 per cent.

In the same period, the number of people who said they’d witnessed negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims rose from 69 per cent to 93.3 per cent, suggesting such experiences have become almost universal for Muslims.

Another key finding showed how over 50 per cent of those surveyed in areas where there is a high Muslim population believed politicians condone discriminatory acts against Muslims. This, says the report, shows Islamophobia has evolved into “new, accepted forms of discrimination against a particular group.”

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According to Al Jazeera English, the complete report highlights specific case of Islamophobia, including that of a Kuwaiti tourist who is said to have been detained and questioned under terrorism legislation for taking a selfie of himself outside a shopping centre

Islamophobia in America has become acceptable, if not respectable. Anyone pointing fingers at islamophobia is the one who is targeted and condemned. It is problematic for any one or any newspaper or a magazine to speak from truly a neutral perspective in the matter of Israel and Palestinians. It is even more problematic for non-Muslim journalists to write or say anything in support of Islam, Muslims and Arabs.

Read full Report of IHRC-Islamophobia

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The cause of Islamophobia

Some scholars say that  the cumulative effect of the works of Secular Fundamentalists, Zionists, Fundamentalist Christians, pseudo-Islamic cults and, in some cases, Muslims themselves, is that the Muslims are despised and demonized which gives legitimacy to harass Muslims at airports.

Every Muslim becomes a potential terrorist in the minds of the people, their immigration to the U.S. is discouraged and their petitions for immigration and visa requests are postponed much longer than other people, their complaints of discrimination are ignored.

They are targeted by the traffic police and given tickets unnecessarily. The flip side of the coin is that the Muslims living in America develop distaste of the society, therefore, their integration into the American society is hampered. Muslims, under adverse conditions, develop their cocoons within which they live as a community – they live in America yet they are dissociated from it!

The Islamophobia industry

The Islamophobia Industry book review

According to Tariq Ramadan,Islamophobia is not only about ignorance and fear. Some people purposefully nurture it and use it as a political strategy. He recommended the book,The Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims. He said that,Nathan Lean’s The Islamophobia Industry shows what is happening behind the scenes.

It is an essential book for anyone who wants to understand the rationale and objectives behind those who foster this new racism against Muslims.”The book shows how  Islamophobia  has become more of a Industry — a right-wing cadre of intellectual hucksters, bloggers, politicians, pundits, and religious leaders — knows that all too well.

For years they have laboured behind the scenes to convince their compatriots that Muslims are the enemy, exhuming the ghosts of 9/11 and dangling them before the eyes of horrified populations for great fortune and fame.And how the tide of Islamophobia  is sweeping through Europe and the United States.

This powerful and provocative book explores the dark world of monster making.,examining in detail the highly organized cottage industry of fear merchants. It uncovers their tactics, reveal their motives, and expose the interests that drive them.

How do you think should a muslim respond to all this ? Let us Pray that Allah make it easy for the Muslims and not make them suffer for some people’s nightmares.May Allah help the Muslim Ummah.

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