The First Woman Qazis of India gravel down taboos

The First Woman Qazis of India gravel down taboos

The Woman Qazis of India:

While matters related to Muslim personal law are now decided by the courts, the qazis still form an integral part of the community, acting as advisors and playing a crucial role in personal matters like solemnisation of nikah, talaaq and inheritance issues.

While many Countries have already had Woman Qazis in the recent past,India got its first Woman Qazi this year when two woman from jaipur became the first woman Qazi of India.Within weeks two more Woman  Qazi were selected in Uttar Pradesh. Lets hope thatvthings contine to Improve.

First Woman Qazi from India

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Jaipur: Breaking down stereotypes, Afroz Begum and Jahan Aara have become the first women Qazis in Rajasthan on 9th February 2016  after they completed a two-year training course from Mumbai-based Darul Uloom-i-Nisawa.

Begum and Aara, both aged around 40 years, said they passed the test to become Qazis on completion of their training and will now focus on women’s issues.

The First Woman Qazis in UP


UP : Only few Weeks after this Success,On February 24,2016,Hena Zaheer and Maria Fazal have became the first Woman Qazi of Uttar Pradesh and the Second in the Country.

Hena Zaheer is a 51 year Old  Shia lady,while Maria Fazal is a Sunni Muslim who is Only 25,and Unmarried.But Despite the seeming differences, Hena Zaheer and Maria Fazal have a lot in common. Both are well-versed in Islamic law, having studied the Sharia in madrasas — the reason why they were picked as qazis by a group of Muslim women on February 24.

About the Countries which have Woman Qadis:

Thankfully, while these women represent a first for Indian States,there has been Woman Qadis in Other Parts of the World too

Khouloud el-Faqeeh of Palestine was the the first female shariah judge of the Middle – East.

Eygpt’s first female judges were appointed in 1996, Bahrain began appointing female judges in 2006.There are Woman Qadis in Indonesia,Malaysia,Jordan,Sudan etc.) Let’s hope things continue to improve





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