The Secret of Success from Surah Mu’minun

قَدۡ اَفۡلَحَ الۡمُؤۡمِنُوۡنَۙ‏ 

The believers have indeed attained true success.

True Success is only for a believers.We may be believing in this message by proclaming in the message but our actions are devoid of ibadat.

The Opening Verse of Surah Mu’minun is a verse over which a student of ilm can ponder all his/her life. Do you know what this verse talks about ? This verse gives us the secret to attain Success.

Every Ayah and every kalima of Quran is beautiful and full of Hikmah.But there are certain verses that occupies you for days. Here I am sharing you the lessons I learnt from first ten Versesof Surah Al Mu’minun .

Surah Mu'minun
Surah Mu'minun

Secret of Success from Surah Mu’minun

Developing the six charecteristic that Allah loves and Promises them Jannah

Lesson of Success from Surah Mu'minun
Lesson of Success from Surah Mu'minun 5

Lesson of Success from Surah Mu’minun

1.Developing Khushu in Salah

The very first trait Allah mention is they are steadfast in Salah- They have khushu in the salah.They honotr the external dimension and internal dimension of Salah.How can we get khushu in Salah if you are very casual in salah.The test of Salah can be taken by checking ourself if we miss salah on our busy days.

Do we rush through Salah,do we leave the Salah? What differentiates between a believer and disbeliever is leaving Salah.We give preference to trivial things and we neglect Salah.May Allah make us steadfast in Prayer and give us khushu because this is the first thing that holds foundation of success.Salah is an intimate meeting of a Momin. May Allah help us fulfill the rights of Salah and help us ponder and reflect on words recited in Salah.

1.Pray Salah on time. It adds barakah to our time.Because the most beloved amal in sight of Allah is SAlah on time. try and refresh Wudu before every Salah.Because of power of wudu, heart is cleansed.

3.Response to Muazzin when Adhan is called.We should bring our nafs to account and give preference to Salah over all things.

4. Know the meaning of Arabic we recite in Salah so that we may be able to feel those words more.

5.We should pray in a place that is uncluttered.It is very difficult to focus in a cluttered place just like we have different room for different things.Similiarly we can

6.Reflect for few moiments before Salah to reflect on the greatness of Allah swt.This also helps adds khushu to Salah.

2.Avoiding futile things/Nonsense

Futility- All those deeds ,words,action that brings no benefit in this world and in Akhirah.A true believer when hears about futility and stays away from it. If anything adds to your knowledge it is fine but something that is not our concern as to why he is doing that, why she is doing that or poking nose in matters of other People.

3.Observing Zakah

The word Zakat literally means purification and development, to help something grow up smoothly and develop without obstruction. As an Islamic term, it implies both the portion of wealth taken out for the purpose of purifying the rest of wealth and the act of purification itself. The words of the original text mean that the believer constantly practices purification. Thus the meaning is not confined to the paying off of Zakat dues only but it is extended to self purification which includes purification of morals as well as wealth, property and life in general.

4.Guarding the private parts

Immodesty leads to temptation and sin.

5.Being True to the trusts and covenants.

The one, who does not fulfil the terms of his trust, has no faith, and the one, who does not keep promises and pledges has no Islam. (Baihaqi). According to a tradition reported both by Bukhari and Muslim, he said: Four characteristics are such that if a person has all four in him, he is beyond any doubt a hypocrite, and the one who has one of these, is a hypocrite to that extent till he gives it up:

(a) When something is placed in his trust, he commits breach of the trust.

(b) When he speaks, he tells a lie.

(c) When he makes a promise, he breaks it.

(d) When he has a quarrel with somebody, he exceeds all limits (of decency and morality).

6. Guarding the Prayers.

The true believer do not regard their Prayers as an unnecessary burden, which has to be cast off somehow: they do not recite mechanically but understand what they recite and are conscious that they are supplicating to their Lord like humble servants.They strictly guard their Prayers: they strictly adhere to the prescribed times of the Prayers: they perform them with due regard for their pre-requisites, conditions and articles with clean body and dress and necessary ablutions

These are the inheritors.Who will inherit Paradise, wherein they will dwell forever.

The substance of this passage may be summed up in four parts for further understanding of the Surah:

(1) The above mentioned excellent qualities of the believers are not confined to any race, nation or country.

(2) These excellences can be attained only by sincere faith and excellent moral qualities, and by the observance of prescribed laws in all the aspects of life.

(3) True success is not confined to transitory worldly and material prosperity but it comprises both success in this life and in the life after death in the Hereafter, and is attained by sincere faith and righteous deeds. This is a fundamental principle which cannot be falsified either by the worldly success of the evil-doers or by the temporary failure of the righteous people.

(4) Let us reiterate that these excellent characteristics of the believers have been presented as a practical proof of the truth of the message of the Prophet (peace be upon him), for these were the result of its acceptance. This should be kept in mind in the study of the succeeding passages, wherein the same subject has been pursued from different angles. And to understand better we can read the tafseer books.

So these were the Lesson of Success from Surah Mu’minun.

May Allah swt give us the taufeeq to do amal on these Lessons and Increase us in Ilm.Ameen.

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