11-year-old Muslim girl beats Einstein, Stephen Hawking in Mensa IQ tests

11 year old girl IQ more than Einstein

TEHRAN, May 27 (MNA) – Tara Sharifi , 11, has scored 162 points – the highest number possible – on the Mensa IQ test, two points higher than the estimated IQs of physicist Albert Einstein and cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking.

Scoring 162 points means that Tara is well above the so-called ‘genius benchmark’ of 140. 

“I was shocked when I got the result. I never expected to get such a good score,” she said.

Tara took the test in Oxford and had to answer questions within a set time.

Tara’s family is originally from Borazjan county in the Southern Iranian Bushehr Province.

“I knew she is intelligent but such a great success of her was unexpected to me,” her father said.

The 11-year-old further revealed about her future plans after achieving the success in Mensa IQ Test.

She said, “When I am older, I would like to do something related to mathematics.”

Meanwhile, Tara now qualifies for membership of Mensa which is known as the ‘high IQ society’.

News Source : MNA

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  1. May Allah swt mercifully forgive us to whole writers and readers. We invite guest to give further knowledgeable comments to refresh our know how more and more

  2. Salam Dear guys a guest JOSHUA has came but instead of being hospitable you guys are ridiculing… DONT YOU TAKE LESSONS FROM SURA HUJRAT GOLDEN LESSONSYes even though they ridicule us but we treat them nicely in return as such the person felt ashamed of themselves… please REPENT QUICKLY ask forgiveness invite & discuss politely & with knowledge & wisdom…. Perhaps he may feel good & share beneficial knowledge or beneficial info…. Our Nabi is Rahmatan lil Aalamee lets remember that…

  3. BTW so called Einsteins theorys was disproved many times by so many scientists even the amateur ones. There are 1000’s of pages on the web that PROVE this.

  4. Joshua Markham You’re aware that the Muslim world was globally dominant in science and mathematics for over 600 years, right? I know you’re uneducated, but you might want to do some research before making comments like that. Though I guess given you think number of patents is somehow representative of scientific contributions, then I don’t have high hopes for you ever being an educated, thoughtful, or intelligent person.

  5. Muslim puff-piece and almost certainly, a bogus IQ test. But even if true, AND a genuine IQ test, under western exam conditions (as if) which I do not believe for 1 single second, California and Israel register more patents each each than the entire islamic world combined. So she will amount to nothing in the event this story is true, which again, i do not believe.

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