Assalamu Alaikum wrwb ,

Eid Mubarak !

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Eid Mubarak - Giveaway Winner Announcement 13

تقبل الله منا و منكم صالح اعمالكم

I know I am quite late in wishing you the greetings of Eid but I heartily prayed that may Allah accept all our good deeds we did in Ramadan .May he accept all our ibadah,all our charites  and all our mujahida in gaining his closeness . I wish you did the same for me and kept me in your Prayers .

In Ramadan we had a  Ramadan Weekly Quran giveaway that was organised in association with shine_in_the_darknesss  via Instagram in which they sponsored 4 translation of Quran. This is to let you know that all the books have been ordered .Some are on their way and some have been received by the winners . To have a transparency ,I am listing the name of the winners of the giveaway .

The People who shall be receiving the book-“The Oxford Quran by MAS Abdel Halem ”  are-

Eid Mubarak - Giveaway Winner Announcement 14
  1. Shadan Mobeen
  2. Murad Ali Khan
  3. Afnaan R
  4. B shaikh Abdullah
  5. Nasheeba Ibrahim
  6. Resha Saleh
  7. Shabnoor Sheikh
  8. Tabinda Zaheen

Here is a Screenshot of few books that have been ordered .

Eid giveaway


Eid Mubarak - Giveaway Winner Announcement 15

In Sha Allah . I wish to donate more Quran in the coming months and organise more giveaways.I also have some good Projects like Islamic Quizzes , Islamic Worksheets ,Stories from Quran ,Resources for new Muslims and Educational Islamic Videos through which I intend to make learning of Islam more Interesting. If You wish ,You can check our Projects and if you like them spread a Word about it. If you like our Project and want to support/sponsor us to share the reward ,You can check our Donation page  or email us at [email protected] 

I have my exams and I will be away for few days . Keep me in your Prayers and do keep visiting Islam Hashtag and share the Khair with your friends . Jazak Allah khair .

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