Tips to keep your Brain sharp while Fasting

2o Tips of Fasting for Students

Assalamu Alaikum,I came along this video by BBC news .Since this Video doesn’t tells much ,I added to it few more points for our readers so that the students among us can have a sharp working brain during Ramadan.


Fasting is not at all bad for students .Fasting does not equate to calorie restriction! You can still consume your calories after iftar. The body takes a few days to adjust its catabolic and anabolic function (metabolism) once it is happy that nutrients will be consumed. Small childrens all over the world fast and continue their school very well . If you are apprehensive if fasting will be possible for you during exams or schools ,Try to fast for a day and see the results yourself . There are few tips that might help you .

  1. Try to keep yourself hydrated in non fasting hours
  2. Try to study more after Suhur and lesser before Iftar
  3. Don’t each much of fried food
  4. Eat lots of fruits
  5. Include protein and  carbohydrate ( glucose rich food) in your Iftar and suhur
  6. Drink Milk everyday
  7. Eat Honey
  8. Take a afternoon nap during the day.The afternoon nap recharges your body.
  9. Break fast with dates and include soup in your iftar
  10. Do not overeat in Iftar .Eat light and take heavy meal at dinner
  11. Start your study seeking help of Allah swt.
  12. Start any studying task with dua of studying
  13. Do not get angry.It consumes your energy and makes you irritable and tired.
  14. Do not try to relax by listening to songs or watching tv shows.Listen to the recitation of Quran instead. Quran is a month of Rahmat.
  15. Do not exercise hard while you are fasting
  16. Change your place of studying after few hours to study longer
  17. Take a break every 30 minutes or every one hour whichever suits you.And the break shouldn’t be long .just 5 minutes break to strectch your body and relax a little.
  18. Sleep early and wake up before suhoor. Drink and eat well and study.Morning hours are the best hour to memorise and study .
  19. Do not read out loud for a greater part of the day while you are fasting.It can make you thirsty.
  20. Eat lots of dates.They are the best food in Ramadan.

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