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Why Read this Book ,”Tales from the Treasures Chest”

If You like to narrate stories with morale to your Kids ,this Book has 3 Stories that will leave your child pondering .

Storyline of the book  “Tales from the Treasures Chest”

“Tales from the Treasures Chest ” is a book Written for young readers (around 6-10 years ) .This books teaches the child to be happy and content with whatever they have . It has three Stories to stress this Point.

The First Story ,”Exhortation Valley ” is the lengthiest and the most interesting One . It teaches the child to be content with their looks and not to feel inferior just because they are the way they are . Allah has created us with utmost Perfection and the story just presses on this facts . It is the story of two twins who are not satisfied with themselves and One day they learn a lesson to appreciate the blessings of Allah and be content and this changes their life Positively forever.

The Second Story , “Face of the Subrogated World” is an adventure story where the Kids exchange place with their Parents because they felt that being a Parent is an easy job . They laid terms and conditions where Parents needed to act like kids and the Kids would behave like Parents .The Party that would ask to end the Subrogated adventure would lose. Now who Wins ? Read the Book to find Out 🙂

The Third Story , “Being Human is Being Everything ”  is  story of a Boy Abdul Jalil who is talented but lacks consistency and Perseverance in his Work . Everyone thinks of him as a loser who cannot achieve anything in life . One Day he decides to show the World that “I can be Everything” . He learns many Skills and achieves great heights in life but In his pursuit to become everything he becomes corrupt .He becomes a Cheat , Fraud and a cruel and Vicious person . Later on he realizes that “Being Everything ”  is not a challenge.   The Real Challenge is to be a good human being.

Recommended for Children of Age group –

This 40 Page book is an interesting read for children aged 6-10 years .

Details about the Book –

The Book is yet to be launched . The Review is based on the basis of a pdf copy Provided by the Author .

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