hajj ride 2017

Hajj Ride 2017 : First Ever Cycle Ride for Charity from London to Madina.


Hajj Ride 2017 : A Ride to Madina from London to raise awareness and fund for the People Suffering in Syria.

The purpose of this Cycle ride is to raise enough money to provide emergency ambulance services for the Syrian civilians. This physically challenging, grueling multi terrain journey will take them through England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Egypt and onto Medina in Saudi Arabia. The Hajj Riders will  cycle the entire journey on land and take ferries to connect the English Channel, Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.

You can watch it here

A List of Books on Hajj

The Hajj journey 2017 has started today on 14 July 2017 .

The Hajj Ride donations will go to Human Aid UK who practise a 100% donation policy.All donations will be going towards the Medical effort to maintain the dignity of those struck by the conflict in Syria. All Zakat donations will go towards Iftar Inside Syria for the most needy.

The rough timing it will take them  is 2 months to complete the ride and the Hajj itself.

The predicted registration costs are £5,000 to £8,000 per person.

hajj ride 2017

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Hajj Ride 2017 :Great Work! Great Initiative . If You want to Donate You can contact them at  ( ) or ( . You can Check their Website too :

Hajj ride Updates:

The Hajj riders reached madina on 19 August and they received a warm welcome from the People . They also received many awards and recognition:

award hajj riders
award to hajj riders


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