How to take Sahada – An emotional Sahadah with Mufti Menk


How to take Sahada ? Watch the emotional Sahada of a Women by Mufti Menk


“And whoever desires other than Islam as religion – never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.” (Quran Verse 3:85)

Are You the One who believe that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad Saw is the messenger and Prophet of Allah ?

If you are confused about how to take Sahadah ? This Video by Mufti Menk shows you how to say your Sahada and if you want to acccept Islam ,you can repeat the Sahadah after him just like the woman who repeats Sahadah  in the below video.  Mufti Sahab also gives some tips to a New Muslim and Welcome you int the fold of Islam .

The word “Shahada” means “The testimony of faith” The “Shahada” is two parts :-
The first part is to tetify: “that there is no God except Allah” – You believe that there is only One God, “Allah”. He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. He alone is without partners, children or associates. He is the Most Merciful, the Most Wise, and the Most Just.
The second part is to testify:“that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his servant and messenger” .

Transliteration of sahada in Arabic –

Ash‐hadu anlaa ilaaha ill‐Allah, wa ash‐hadu anna Muhammadan rasulu ilah

Which means: “I bear witness that there is no God except Allah And I bear witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His servant and messenger” .

Congratulations! Simply by saying this Sahada with a Sincere heart ,you have become a Muslim . Yes, You can become a Muslim simply by saying the Sahada in Private .It is between You and Allah . But if you wish ,you can go to any Islamic Centre near you and Proclaim your Sahadah before few Witness and they will issue you “Certificate of Conversion ” which will help you to Participate in Community events and go to Hajj . If for any reason, you fear that announcing your faith NOW can bring trouble ,I prefer that you do not wait for the suitable time because life is definitely uncertain . You can say the Sahadah and learn Islamic Prayers now itself and become a Muslim without telling any one . ( It is a testimony between you and Allah ) . So , If You believe in the Principles of Islam and You believe that Allah is the Only Supreme God and Prophet Muhammad SAW is his Prophet ,Come On ,do not Wait . Read the Sahada NOW !



Congratulations! If You have just read the Sahada . Take a ghusl ( Bath ) .This washes off all the Previous Sins and you become Sinless as a new born  baby . Now ,try to learn Islam .I would like to introduce you to few resources that can guide you In sha Allah-

1)( How to Pray ) -A step by Step illustration with Video

2) Download these Free Books and Understand some Basic concepts of Islam

3) Listen to the Recitation of Quran

4) Download this translation of Quran in English or request a translation of Quran in other language

5)Read the Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW

6 ) A Book of Prayers (Dua ) : How to ask Allah swt 

If You still face any difficulty .Feel free to chat with us in Facebook or Twitter

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