Heaven Under Your Feet – Islamic Pregnancy Book

islamic pregnancy book

Heaven under your feet- Pregnancy for Muslim Women.

Somebody once said to Imam Sadiq (pbuh) “I never wanted children until I stood on the plains of ‘Arafat when I heard a young boy next to me crying and praying “O my Rabb! My parents! My parents!” It was then that I realised the value of a child.” Yes , Pregnancy in itself is a great blessing . Many of you have inquired us about Islamic Pregnancy books available in market .We have some resources for Pregnant Muslimah like Duas to be read during Pregnancy and Recommended food for Pregnancy from Sunnah . But if you are looking for a Physical Book that you can read and keep handy at all times ,I definately recommend this book- “Heaven Under Your Feet: Pregnancy for Muslim Women “

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Pregnancy is an ultimate time to turn to Allah. Not only is it a physical process, it is also a spiritual and emotional journey filled with excitement and apprehension. Heaven Under Your Feet accompanies sisters along this beautiful phase in life. Whilst there is lots of advice-packed literature out there for the expectant mother, this book broaches the subject from the perspective of a Muslimah, addressing the thoughts and concerns of someone looking for an Islamic viewpoint on what is a unique and special moment in her life.

Author :

The Book is authored by by Umm Hasan bint Salim 

Inside the book 

  • Pregnancy for Muslim Women is an excellent read for the pregnant Muslimah. The book is divided into three broad categories: “You,” “Your Baby,” and “Labour and Birth.”
  • Each section discusses different stages of pregnancy in a positive, reassuring, dhikr-orientated manner.
  • Umm Hasan encourages pregnant women to view their pregnancy as both a gift and a challenge from Allah I, as well as a means of growing closer to Him and earning Jannah.
  • Other pregnancy-related topics, such as physical and mental health, are tied in with gentle reminders to turn to Allah .
  • The author has  listed and explained some of the sunah regarding newborns, and mentioning suggestions on how to connect your infant to Allah  even before its birth.
  • In the “Labour and Birth.” section author takes a quick look at birth plans, preparing a birth partner, a “Muslimah’s birthing kit,” pain relief options and the home birth alternative.
  •  Various medical facts  are linked with their Islamic benefits
  • Not but not the least ,the author always emphasizes that no matter what choices are made, the ultimate success of the labor and birth are dependent upon Allah

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