Imam Omar Suleiman arrested for protesting in favour of the #CleanDreamAct.

omar sulaeiman arrested

Imam Omar Suleiman was arrested along with others after protesting in favour of the #CleanDreamAct which calls on the US government to legislate a pathway to citizenship for undocumented young people who came to the country as a child.‬

Message from Imam Omar Suleiman before getting arrested.


Recent Update :

Alhumdulillah ! He is out now.



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  1. Actually unfortunately lots of Muslims knowingly or unknowingly defend the crimes like ISIS and DAESH done with daughter of prophet s.a.w. like burning her house, breaking her ribs and killing her kid in her tummy by those who grabbed power illegitimately immediately after martyring prophet s,a,w, leaving His corpse unattended and not performing His burial. These are historical facts mentioned in history books of every historian. What Muslims are now claiming to stand up against wrong doings while covering ISIS and DAESH like crimes with daughter of prophet s.a.w.?

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