Islamic Toys for kids(Review)

We have recieved lots of  requests from our readers for suggestion on stuffs that would help our children learn about Islam.If you too are searching for Islamic toys for babies,here are few suggestions for you.

1)Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle – Perfect Way to Introduce Children to Arabic Alphabets.

Islamic toys for kidsA Perfect way to introduce Children to Arabic Alphabets is a puzzle.Puzzles are very intersting way to develop interest in children.You can ask the child whilch alphabet he is attatching and what comes after that alphabet.And ask him what is the picture on the puzzle.This will engage the child in a positive way and you too would love spending a quality time with your child.It Includes English transliterations of the Arabic letters and animals – great for non-Arabic speakers.Since it is made using soy based inks so it’s 100% biodegradable!

Product Details

  • Contains 24 JUMBO pieces. Measures 3 feet x 2 feet. Ages 3+
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 3.5 inches ; 2.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 – 3 months
  • Buy: HERE

Muslim Doll

cr38-rahmahtalkingdoll-3d:Islamic Toys for kidsWe buy so many dolls and soft toys for our children.It is a nice idea to gift them a Muslim doll that recites Quran.Yes,our children picks up everything they hear and see.You may have seen them mimicking  you or their friends and sibling.So.let us hand them a doll that recites Quran and ask your child to repeat the words the doll is reciting.This way you don’t have to sit with a stick or run behind them to teach the deen.This is one of the most purchased Islamic toys for babies.

This  Muslim Doll ,is 14″ tall .Her name is Rahmah Talking Doll  and she recites Surah Fatiha, Ikhlas, Falaq & An-Naas by lady teacher with a girl’s repetition.You  Just need to press the button on left hand to start recitation.It uses 2 AA batteries (included) installed from the back. The Doll wears black abaya with red dress under it and white scarf and is very pretty.

Product Details

  • Recommended age:From as young as 1 year to 8-9 years
    Price: $49.95On Sale: $39.99
  • Size: 14×5″(36×12 cm)
  • Buy :HERE

3)Salam Player Buddy

cr01-salamplayer-3d-Islamic toysSalam Player Buddy is the first educational audio player designed for little Muslim hands. It is safe, user friendly and best of all, incorporates learning into play allowing it to happen naturally. Whether it’s at home, in the car or on the plane, your child will love carrying Salam Player everywhere listening to beautiful recitations of the Qur’an and his/her favorite stories and nasheeds.

Available in cute Muslim boy and girl themes, Salam Player plays MP3, TN and WAV file formats. It comes with 4GB of memory, a built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in speaker that delivers stunning NICAM quality stereo sound.

Hours of fun, Play and Learning Islam
Salam Player (TM) comes preloaded with hours of Islamic content for children and plenty of room to add more, up to 64 hours. Content is well organized and categorized by subject including Qur’an, Qur’an Teacher, My Belief, our Prophet Muhammad (sws), Du’aa, What to Say, Nasheeds, Stories, Let’s Learn, Let’s Remember Allah.

Suitable for Children of All Ages: It is  one of the most intersting Islamic toys suitable for infants, toddlers and young children, all can benefit from Salam Player.  When your child starts to show little interest in the content or simply outgrows it, download new exciting and age appropriate content.

User Friendly
With only one conveniently placed led button on the player to handle the essential primary functions [On/Off and Play/Pause], children quickly learn to use Salam Playerand even more so, with the unique “Pat-Play” feature. A gentle pat(s) on the player’s head is all it takes for a child to find and play their favorite Surah or story; it just does not get any easier.

Keeping Play Under Control
Salam Player (TM) provides great parental controls to protect your child. While the player itself has only the essential primary controls, the remote control contains all the function controls. Parents can easily set and lock the volume level or the entire player to prevent change of playlist or misoperation. The suction cup base is yet another feature that provides additional safety, use it to keep the player out of reach of infants and small children, such as by sticking it high on a window. It also provides great stability when using the player in a moving car or shaky surface.

Quality & Safety
Built with durable exterior casing, Salam Player can withstand abuse. Its pear smooth soft finish with no sharp corners makes it safe for children to handle and play with. Its size is also large enough to avoid choking hazards; yet small enough for little hands to easily grasp. And with a built-in speaker and no headphones required, parents need not worry about hearing damage from headphones turned up too loud.  Parents should also rest easy knowing that Salam Player meets CE, FCC and RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) specifications.

  • Price: $49.95
  • Size: 6.5×3.5″ (17×9.5 cm)
  • Buy:HERE


Arabic & English Learning Tablet

cr44-salah-arabictablet-3d-islamic toysIt is a very nice Islamic learning iPad shaped tablet for children, kids and young adults. Hear the Arabic & English alphabets, words and even quiz yourself by pressing the ‘Find Letter’ or ‘Find Word’ button. If you press the wrong button, it will ask you to retry. In addition to the alphabets, it has short Surahs, buttons for learning the prayer and 10 Dua’s in Arabic.

Other Features

  1. ON/OFF button on the bottom of the screen
  2. Automatic shut off
  3. Volume up/down button
  4. Full color laminated screen (static) with soft touch spots
  5. Requires 3 ‘AA’ batteries
  6. Recommended For Ages 3+
  • Price: $19.95
  • Size: 7.5×10.5×1.5″ (19.5x27x3.5 cm)


Apple Learning Toy

cr48-applelearningtoy-3d-islamic toysThis Apple learning toy  contains 26 daily duaas, 26 short surahs of the Quran, 4 prayer duaas and 6 nashids (details in Sample Pages PDF). Each button item can be played continuously OR you can press the same button to advance to next dua/surah. The last button is for projection light which displays beautiful designs on the wall in different colors each time the button is pressed.

It can make a great play device for infants and toddlers to get them used to listen to the Quran and duaas. You can carry it along with you in your car and teach children to memorize the Surahs and Dua’s. It is one of the most recommended Islamic toys by parents.


  1. Manual ON/OFF button on bottom of unit
  2. 5 Multi-function buttons
  3. Volume up/down with long press of first 2 buttons
  4. Requires 3 ‘AAA’ batteries (remove if not used for extended period of time)
  5. Recommended for ages 1+
  6. Buy: HERE

Hope you found the list Useful.You can also check  More Islamic Toys at Darussalam Islamic store or at Simply Islam Bookstore .Both are good Online Islamic Stores which deliver their Products Worldwide.If You like to Shop at Amazon,you can See this Collection.No Doubt Amazon Offers an amazing Shopping experience.

Jazak Allah khairan.

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