you are currently viewing kunduz : more than 150 children graduating for memorizing the qur’an killed in afghan air attack.

Kunduz : More than 150 children graduating for memorizing the Qur’an killed in Afghan Air attack.


Deadly attack by the US airstrike killed 150 hafiz-e Quran on Quran graduating Ceremony in Kunduz.

A Ceremony had been taking place in a Madrassa  where over 150 students had to be given a formal degree over complete memorization of the Holy Quran which is also known as Hafiz E Quran. The Air Attack took away their life. May Allah grant them Jannah .

Eye witnesses stated that many innocent kids died and most of them were Hafiz e Quran who were to be awarded the degrees upon complete memorisation of Quran. Moreover, the parents of these children and the teachers who used to teach in this Madrassa have also been killed in this brutal attack.

Mostly the children aged between 11 to 13 have died in this attack on Madrassa. Witnesses have accepted that Kunduz is a Taliban household but this ceremony was attended by children only who do not have any link with Taliban.

People on social media are weeping tears of blood after seeing the little dead bodies and questioning America is this a war against terrorism or a terrorism in itself ?

We extend our condolences to the relatives of the victims and the injured, we ask Allāh to accept them amongst the martyrs who are closest to Him, and that He punishes the United States, and those who aid them in their crimes who have worked with their weapons for the weakness of this Ummah of the people of the Sunnah.

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