Ramadan is the most awaited time of the Year .With Ramadan just around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to make sure that this will be the year we change.

Last year We did a Ramadan countdown 30 days before Ramadan .You must be wanting to hear about my this year’s  Preparations of Ramadan . Well, This year  I would definitely love to share some more tips  but before that I highly  recommend that you read the Previous year article on our Preparation of Ramadan. It is much elaborate and covers everything in very much detail . This article has lots of golden tips that I acquired through my teachers of Ilm . So do read it definitely .

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Preparing For Ramadan : A 30 Day Countdown

This Year I would like to make a Quick summary that may help us in getting ready for Ramadan. In sha Allah .

  1. Analyse your Last Ramadan

Start with the loopholes . For example , Last year I planned a lot but these are the areas that failed me . In sha Allah this year I Pray that Allah makes it easy for me and make my Ramadan more Productive than before .

My Loopholes :

  1. Lots of time was wasted during cooking
  2. I should have given more Sadaqa
  3. I should have offered more Iftar meals to the Neighbours and the needy .
  4. Wake more early for Suhur and not waste the precious time cooking.
  5. I should have made more Dhikr.

Write your loopholes in a Diary and try to work on them

For Instance , Doing these things may make it better

  1. Prepare Ramadan menu and some frozen meals  .
  2. Do Sadaqa every day even if it is with a single date.
  3. Prepare Iftar early so that it can be distributed before time.
  4. Sleep early
  5. Keep the lips moist with Dhikr ,In sha Allah.

2. Prepare your Body for Ramadan

  1. Correct your Sleeping Habit
  2. Wake up early
  3. Do Voluntary fast
  4. Get a Health Check up
  5. Do light exercise to prepare your body for Qiyam .
  6. Drink more Water.
  7. Eat Fruits
  8. Buy Eid Clothes Early
  9. Get yourself a Miswak.
  10. Purify your Intention that you are doing everything for the sake of Allah.

3 . Prepare your Home for Ramadan

  1. Do Early Cleaning of your home .
  2. Allocate a  Specific Place for Prayer
  3. Buy your groceries in advance
  4. Minimise the Television time.
  5. Get your Books Ready . See Book Suggestions to Read on Ramadan .
  6. Stick Ramadan Quran Reading Chart in your Wall . Download it Free
  7. Collect your Suhur and Iftar timetable from the nearest Mosque.
  8. Remove things that can distract you from Ibadah .
  9. Get Islamic Worksheets for your kids to engage them Productively. Get them Now
  10. Plan your menu early.
  11. Remove photo frames with pictures of Men or Animals from your Wall (if you have one).

4. Prepare your Soul for Ramadan

  1. Memorize  some Short Surah
  2. Increase your Recitation of Quran.
  3. 30 Dua for 30 Day of Ramadan : (Ramadan Dua List :Read here)
  4. Make Dua with Asma ul Husna . (One of the best Series I have written for my readers so far ). Read it 
  5. Increase Dhikr . Download this list of short 1 minute Dhikr .
  6. Learn some Rabbana Duas from Quran . (Read )
  7. Forgive People .(Read the Story of forgiveness and Dua to seek forgiveness from Allah)
  8. Do not Lie.
  9. Do not get Angry . Read Some tips to control Anger
  10. Help People and any one who need your Help
  11. Give Charity
  12. Give Zakat
  13. Be dutiful to your Parents (Read thid Dua for your Parents)
  14. Make a  Personal Dua Diary : A list of Dua that you intend to read during Suhur and Iftar. See 100 Personal Dua Diary  
  15. Prepare for Laylatul Qadr .

Hope you found the article useful . Feel free to Share with us your plans in the comment Box. Have a Happy and Productive Ramadan and keep us in your Prayers.

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Jazak Allah khair.

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