marco pierre white's son

Marco Pierre White’s son who has been in rehab 17 times and who spent $1 million on rehab finds peace in Islam, reverts to Islam.


Marco Pierre White’s son reverts to Islam

Marco Pierre White Jr, 28, was this week released after a year in jail for a spree of shoplifting, possessing a knife, possessing heroin – and racially abusing a supermarket security guard.

marco pierre white’s son
Marco Pierre White’s son

He says he is being supported by his celebrity chef father after becoming a Muslim as he battles to ‘stay clean’ and reform years of drug abuse which began at the age of just 13. And he now plans to become a chef like his famous father.

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Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, heavily tattooed Pierre White Jr confessed: ‘More than £1million has wasted because of my addictions. But Islam has helped me get through everything’

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He said: ‘I have been in rehab 17 times and being in prison has made me realise that enough is enough.

marco pierre white's son revealed in an exclusive interview with mailonline that he had  converted to islam during his time in jail and is now determined to turn his life around

Marco Pierre White’s son revealed in an exclusive interview with MailOnline that he had  converted to Islam during his time in jail and is now determined to turn his life around

‘I have realised how lucky I am and have been. I have seen all walks of life in prison and some people don’t have a chance in life. I have had every opportunity and I have thrown them all away.

‘I could have done anything I wanted to, but instead I did heroin and ended up in prison. I have been an idiot.’

Despite sipping a beer – Islam forbids alcohol – he revealed he now prays to Allah five times a day.

He said: ‘In prison I saw the lads going to pray. I would listen to them talking about the Islamic community and the Koran and I thought a lot of it made sense. I had a flick through the Koran and my interest grew.

‘When I prayed to Allah I asked for my sins to be forgiven and for him to make me strong and protect me. I asked for my family to be safe – and everything has come true.

‘This is crazy how everything works out for me. I do believe it has a lot to do with my prayers and my religion.’

Blaming his crime spree on his drug use, he admitted that without prison and his loving father’s intervention, he would have died or spent the rest of his days as an addict and in jail.

Reference : Daily mail

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