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Assalamu Alaikum,

A Muslim needs to acquaint himself of the happenings in the Muslim Society. We bring to you Interesting Stories Making Headlines in the Muslim Community and affecting us as Individuals.

Jajak Allah Khair,Enjoy Reading !

A large number of people were seen celebrating in Paterson City, USA on May 15 as one of its busy
ramadan 2022 arab
JEDDAH: More than 30 Muslim scholars are available around the clock at the Grand Mosque in Makkah to answer worshippers’ questions on
afganistan humanitarian appeal
There is an emergency situation going on in Afghanistan at the moment. As you know, the Afghan people are facing
A new set of five postage stamps paying tribute to “front line heroes” features a Muslim healthcare worker wearing a headscarf as
palestine donation
2 Million People in Gaza Need Help. GAZA is under attack right now!Our brothers and sisters are in URGENT need of assistance. On
Eid Mubarak to all our readers. May Allah accept all our acts of worship, fasting and prayers, free us from
All-rounder Bjorn Fortune (Bjorn Fortuin) He has converted to Islam. The 26-year-old made his international debut in September 2019. According to reports,
moon over kaaba
According to Astronomers,there will be full moon over Masjid Haram tonight. It is said that the full moon will align
first Muslim woman to read quran in Us presedential
Dr Debbie Almontaser became the first Muslim Woman to read the Noble Quran in the presidential inauguration in USA. She said
sana khan marries a mufti
In this day and age, when beard and Sunnah libas of groom is something that raises eyebrows, Sana khan has
Netherlands boxing champion Lady Ruby on 15 November converted to Islam at a mosque in her country. Also read :What
#BoycottFrenchProducts , #BoycottFrance#ShameOnYouMacron is trending and why not? Which Muslim can tolerate an insult of his /her dear Prophet.Prophet Muhammad

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