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Assalamu Alaikum,

A Muslim needs to acquaint himself of the happenings in the Muslim Society. We bring to you Interesting Stories Making Headlines in the Muslim Community and affecting us as Individuals.

Jajak Allah Khair,Enjoy Reading !

first Muslim woman to read quran in Us presedential
Dr Debbie Almontaser became the first Muslim Woman to read the Noble Quran in the presidential inauguration in USA. She said
sana khan marries a mufti
In this day and age, when beard and Sunnah libas of groom is something that raises eyebrows, Sana khan has
Netherlands boxing champion Lady Ruby on 15 November converted to Islam at a mosque in her country. Also read :What
#BoycottFrenchProducts , #BoycottFrance#ShameOnYouMacron is trending and why not? Which Muslim can tolerate an insult of his /her dear Prophet.Prophet Muhammad
sana khan
Bollywood actress Sana Khaan who was also a contestant in Big Boss 6 left the film industry and showbiz business
Umrah to reopen Soon. The minister said that to fulfill the needs of pilgrims, every step is computerized using AI
protest on prophet muhammaad cartoon
France’s Charlie Hebdo to republish Prophet Mohammad SAW's cartoons at start of the terror trial French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo,
Born in 1943 in a hardcore Brahmin Hindu family of Bilarya Ganj, a village located in the district of Azamgarh,
hajj 2020
Hajj 2020- Hajj during the Pandemics Starting today authorities will impose a ban on entering holy sites without a permit
hajj diary 2015
Saudi Arabia’s authorities are considering cancelling the Haj season for the first time since the establishment of the Kingdom in
The doors of Masjid An Nabawi were reopened today.31 May 2020 to the general public in the initial stage of
Back to normal Life to resume in Saudi. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs said mosques will be open to the

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