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 Assalamu Alaikum,

A Muslim needs to acquaint himself of the happenings in the Muslim Society. We bring to you Interesting Stories Making Headlines in the Muslim Community and affecting us as Individuals.

Jajak Allah Khair,Enjoy Reading !

Hajj Nap Pods -High tech Mobile Hotel Capsule brought in Saudi Arabia
Japan Inspired Hajj Nap Pods imported to Saudi Arabia Providing accommodation for two million pilgrims is no small feat, with
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Japan unveiled a ‘Mosque on Wheels’ for the 2020 Olympics 
As Japan prepares to host visitors from around the world for the 2020 Summer Olympics, a Tokyo sports and cultural events company has created
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France's muslim footballer
Calls for France to end xenophobia, Islamophobia as migrant, Muslim players clinch World Cup win
As France clinched its second-ever World Cup win over Croatia thanks to goals by migrants and a Muslim, fans and
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quran contest
17 year Old American teen wins the 2018 Quran contest in Dubai.
Ahmed Burhan Mohamed has become a bit of a celebrity since winning the Dubai International Holy Quran award last month. The
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airtel muslim bigotry
Airtel India under fire for replacing Muslim representative on customer’s demand
Airtel India landed in hot waters on Monday after replacing a Muslim representative with a Hindu on the demand of
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Kunduz : More than 150 children graduating for memorizing the Qur’an killed in Afghan Air attack.
Deadly attack by the US airstrike killed 150 hafiz-e Quran on Quran graduating Ceremony in Kunduz. A Ceremony had been
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People build chain outside mosques to fight islamophobia on so called “punish a Muslim Day”.
Nearly 100 people formed a human chain outside a mosque in Newcastle to fight against racism and Islamophobia. Protestors formed
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Punish a Muslim day hate letters being sent to homes in UK
Punish A Muslim letters sent across UK offering points as games to attack and abuse Muslims. The anonymous letters arrived
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India ends Hajj subsidy for Muslim Pilgrims
India ends Hajj subsidy as part of policy to ’empower minorities without appeasement’ NEW DELHI: Haj pilgrims will no longer receive any
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omar sulaeiman arrested
Imam Omar Suleiman arrested for protesting in favour of the #CleanDreamAct.
Imam Omar Suleiman was arrested along with others after protesting in favour of the #CleanDreamAct which calls on the US
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Pakistan to send transgenders as volunteers to Hajj 2018
For the first time in the history of Pakistan, transgenders will be part of a team of boy scouts being
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man sentenced to memorise surah imran
Three Lebanese Muslims accused of disrespecting Mary sentenced to memorize Surah Al-Imran
A Lebanese Christian judge ordered three young Muslim men, accused of insulting Mary ,the mother of Jesus (pbuh) to memorize
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