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 Assalamu Alaikum,

A Muslim needs to acquaint himself of the happenings in the Muslim Society. We bring to you Interesting Stories Making Headlines in the Muslim Community and affecting us as Individuals.

Jajak Allah Khair,Enjoy Reading !

ghana man on hajj
Ghanian Poor man spotted a drone and wished he could go to Hajj . Turkey sponsored his Hajj
Ghanian Abdullah’s dream to go to Hajj comes true . Allah calls to hajj whom he wills. Al-Hassan Abdullah, a
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Muslim woman wins $85,000 lawsuit after police forcibly remove her hijab
The city of Long Beach, California, will pay $85,000 to settle a 2016 lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman after
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Al Aqsa
Al Aqsa News-What Happened in Al Aqsa Mosque ?
 What Happened in Al Aqsa Mosque- (The Closing and reopening of Al Aqsa in Pictures ) Tensions began in Al
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Muazzen passes away waiting for adhan(Video)
  The Muadhin of Masjid Al-Sulaimani in Jeddah has passed away whilst waiting to call the Adhan for Fajr prayers.
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Hajj ride 2017
Hajj Ride 2017 : First Ever Cycle Ride for Charity from London to Madina .
Hajj Ride 2017 : A Ride to Madina from London to raise awareness and fund for the People Suffering in Syria.
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Shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri
Famous Muhaddith Shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri Passed Away . A Huge Crowd attended the Janaza .
Famous Scholars Shaykh Yunus Jaunpuri (RA) Passed Away on 10/07/2017. His Childhood Collegue and another famous Scholar from Madina Shaykh Ismail
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oman muslim
158 embrace Islam in the last 3 months in Oman
Coming from various nationalities , 158 embrace Islam in the last 3 months in Oman . Allahu Akbar! The religion continues to be accepted
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singaporean Muslim restaurant owner takes its employee to hajj
This Singaporean Muslim Restaurant Owner took 27 employees to Umrah
Singaporean Muslim restaurant’s owner saved for 3 years to take his 27 employees on Umrah in the last 10 days
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pesheraw ahmed
Video of a Muslim Man, Pesheraw Ahmed returning a lost wallet is being loved and shared by all .
Pesheraw Ahmed returned the lost wallet full of Money and filmed the whole thing because he wanted to show what
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eid 2017
Eid 2017 Images from around the World
Assalamu Alaikum, Eid Mubarak! Hope You all had a Joyful Eid . It is very Pleasing to watch our Eid
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Harvard appoints first Muslim Chaplain.
Khalil Abdur-Rashid appointed as first Muslim Chaplain in harvard Khalil Abdur-Rashid, an adjunct professor of Islamic studies at Southern Methodist
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ondon fire
London Fire : Resident Thanks Ramadan(Video)
Thank You Ramadan ,Says London Residents   Muslims who were awake because they were beginning their Ramadan fast “saved people’s
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