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treatment of parents in their old age

Pain of a mother whose Son doesn’t care and adab of treating Parents in their Old age.

She stood at the balcony,waiting with pleading eyes.waiting for someone,Maybe her Only son.Wrinkled and Weak,a mother in her 70s.her son ...
miscarriage support

Muslim Miscarriage Support and few words to bereaved Parents.

Muslim Miscarriage Support Loss of a child is the biggest trial one can face. It can not only break you ...
rabia al basra

The Story of tawaqqul of Rabia Basra : 10 Rotis one of which the Maid stole.

Story of Rabiya Basria : 10 Rotis one of which the Maid stole. Rabia Basra was a Sufi saint celebrated ...
dua in pregnany

Dua in Pregnancy with Free Pregnancy Dua Booklet.

Dua in Pregnancy pdf Dua in Pregnancy : Pregnancy is a blessings of Allah. It is an ultimate time to ...
the first woman qazis of india gravel down taboos

The First Woman Qazis of India gravel down taboos

The Woman Qazis of India: While matters related to Muslim personal law are now decided by the courts, the qazis ...