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Dua in Pregnancy with Free Pregnancy Duas Booklet.


Dua in Pregnancy : Pregnancy is a blessings of Allah. It is an ultimate time to turn to Allah because not only is it a physical process, it is also a spiritual and emotional journey filled with excitement and apprehension.


As a student of ilm myself I have researched a lot on this topic and have found a conclusion that there are no specific ritual or adhkar in Quran and hadeeth that has been adviced for pregnancy,

With regard to specific rituals or adhkaar specifically for the woman during pregnancy, we did not know of any such thing in Islam. 

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But then What do we read ,What do we do? How do we make this Pregnancy an ibadah? Scholars have recommended some advices regarding Pregnancy which I would like to share with you all.

Here are some advices that we can follow to make the best of our Pregnancy

Dua in Pregnancy,Dua for Delivery and fast labor

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1.Right Intention and Dua

Right Intention is the secret of innumerous rewards .Let us see what intentions we can make each day-

1. We are fulfilling an aim of sharee‘ah that is dear to Allah, which is increasing the progeny of the Muslims who proclaim the Oneness of Allah, the followers of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). 

2.We are getting more time for ibadah so it is an opportunity for me to do more dhikr and remember Allah more.

3. We want a pious children who becomes a source of ongoing charity when we die.

4. Allah rewards the Muslim for everything that befalls him in this world. Even if a thorn pricks him, Allah will expiate thereby some of his sins, and the pains of labour and pregnancy are far greater than that. 

5. If the Doctor prescribe to some women in high risk pregnancy that they need to take some injections daily for instance-low dose heparin etc which is meant to keep the baby safe. we can make the intention that we are doing it to save a life.Just imagine the rewards of saving a life each day for 9 months.

6. Become a Means of Pleasure to our Husband.

7. An Intention to please our Parents by becoming a means to give them their grand children.

8.And there are numerous intentions which you can add to this list.

2.Quranic Duas in Pregnancy

Quran is a means of comfort.It is the blessed words of Allah swt and a shifa. Abstain from listening to music and replace that with recitation or Quran or adhkaar, as it has scientifically been proven that the child is able to recognize certain sounds in the womb. Let’s bless our unborn child with the words of Allah (s.w.t.). 

1, Recite Surah Fatiha abundantly.Read the Secrets of Surah Fatiha. Surah Fatiha is definitely a cure.

dua in pregnancy

2. Recite Ayatul Kursi Daily.

dua in pregnancy

3.Recite the 4 Qul.

dua in pregnancy

4. Surah Rad verse 8

dua in pregnancy

5.My Lord, do not leave me alone [with no heir], while you are the best of inheritors.”(Surah 21:89)

dua in pregnancy

6.“O Lord, bestow on me a goodly offspring from You; verily, You are the hearer of prayer.(Al Imran:38)

dua in pregnancy

7.My Lord, grant me [a child] from among the righteous.”(37:100)

dua in pregnancy

8.Some More Duas for healthy baby during pregnancy with english translation:

dua in pregnancy
dua in pregnancy
dua in pregnancy

9.Read Surah Maryam in Pregnancy as it has ayah in which Allah explains how he is able to put life in us.

10.Read Surah Luqman and Surah Yusuf

3. Glorify Allah and seek his pleasure

  1. Recite the names of Allah – Recite “Ya Mubdiyo”-“O originator” by placing your hands in the stomach.Indeed Allah is the Originator and Only he has the capability to give life.
  2. You can also read “Ya Hafidho “-“O Protector “ whenever you feel scared or overwhelmed.
  3. Recite “Ya Qawiyyo” -“O Powerful One ” and ask Allah for help.
  4. Read your Daily Adhkar .

4.Send Abundant Darood and Salam on Prophet pbuh


5. Read Good Books on Pregnancy

6. Take your Medicine and your Doctor’s advice

7.Drink lots of Water and Eat sunnah food recommended in Pregnancy

It must be noted that there are NO Duas in the saheeh Sunnah that are specifically for the pregnant woman or the baby. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked: Are there any verses that may be recited for the purpose of making childbirth easier for the woman?

He replied:

I do not know of anything of that nature in the Sunnah, but if you recite over the pregnant woman who is in labour that which speaks of things being made easier, such as the verse (interpretation of the meaning): “Allaah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you”[al-Baqarah 2:185]; and that which speaks of childbirth and delivery, such as the verse (interpretation of the meaning): “And no female conceives or gives birth, but with His Knowledge” [Faatir 35:11] – this will be beneficial; it has been tried and tested, by Allah’s leave.

The entire Qur’an is healing; if the reciter and the one to whom it is recited believe in its impact then it must inevitably have an effect, because Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “And We send down from the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism and act on it), and it increases the Zalimoon (polytheists and wrong-doers) nothing but loss” [al-Isra’ 17:82]. This verse is general in meaning; healing and mercy includes healing of hearts from the diseases of doubt and desire, as well as the healing of bodies from physical disease. End quote.

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