November Request for FREE English Quran.

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Alhumdulillah We have had almost 8-10 Quran giveaways and we intend to organise this giveaway every month In Sha Allah.

If you need an English translation of Quran, Place a request in the comment box.Please mention if you are revert or a born Muslim and your country of residence. Reverts or those living in India and US shall be preferred.

We place the order via Amazon so if you are applying,make sure that Amazon delivers at your place.

The name of the chosen person shall be announced on 1st of every month In sha Allah.

Quran ad
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Announcement of October Result

Name- Fatima Sayed from Bangalore India

Free English translation of Quran

About the book that shall be gifted:

  1. It is an all English translation of Quran that helps a non Arabic reader to quickly grasp the message
  2. The Language is easy and is considered to be the most accurate translation of Quran from Arabic
  3. Abdel Haleem includes notes that explain geographical, historical, and personal allusions as well as an index in which Qur’anic material is arranged into topics for easy reference. His introduction traces the history of the Quran, examines its structure and stylistic features, and considers issues related to militancy, intolerance, and the subjection of women.
  4. His rendering manifests originality which is lacking in many other translations.  Abdel Haleem‟s translation is in modern and plain English that flows nicely. Such language is easy to read and comprehend. He always opts for contemporary usage and sentence structure and avoids confusing phrases .His translation is an attempt to covey the timeless nature of the Quran.
  5. See Our previous giveaways.
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If Participation and Waiting is difficult for you, you can get this book from Amazon .

Please Share this post with your loved ones so more People can benefit. In sha Allah.

Jazak Allah Khair.

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