Less known facts of Inside Kaaba, Pictures and Images of Kaaba

Have you been to mecca? Have you seen the Kaaba? I bet that even If you have been to Mecca you may not have observed the full beauty of Kaaba. I am saying this with confidence because I myself have been to Kaaba a number of times alhumdulillah  and still  Every-time I gaze at Kaaba, I get to learn new things.

Inside Kaaba: Simple diagram of Kaaba :

Let Me start with a simple diagrammatic explanation. You start the tawaf from the green line . Look at the Image below. Things will become clear as we proceed. In sha Allah.

Quran learning
Less known facts of Inside Kaaba in Mecca. 29
kaaba tawaf guide Less known facts of Inside Kaaba in Mecca

The Four Corners of Kaaba

Less known facts of Inside Kaaba in Mecca

Rukn al-Sharqi.

This is the corner where Hajar al-Aswad rests.

Rukn al-Shimali / Iraqi.

This is corner that comes after the Ka’aba’s door before one reaches Hijr Ismail.

Rukn Shami/Gharbi.

This is the corner of the Ka’aba that comes after Hijr Ismail

Rukne Yamani

(This is the right-hand side corner of the Ka’aba.) It  is the corner that comes before the black stone when we do tawaf and from here we start to read the “Rabbana ataina dua”.

Less known facts of Inside Kaaba in Mecca. 30

Hajr e Aswad in Kaaba :

Al-Ḥajaru al-Aswad : It is the Black Stone . Muslims try to touch the black stone during tawaf and each tawaf ,if they cannot touch the black stone,they simply raise ther hand and say “Allahuakbar”.

Read about the history of Hajr e Aswad- How it was stolen and Broken

Images of Kabah

The Door of Kaaba :

The entrance is a door set 2.13 m (7 ft) above the ground on the north-eastern wall of the Kabah.  In 1979 the 300 kg gold doors made by chief artist Ahmad bin Ibrahim Badr, replaced the old silver doors made by his father, Ibrahim Badr in 1942.There is a wooden staircase on wheels, usually stored in the mosque between the arch-shaped gate of Banū Shaybah and the Zamzam Well.

Less known facts of Inside Kaaba in Mecca. 31
Details of the door of the Kabah

Inside Kaaba: Calligraphy in the Door of Kabah


The Lock and Key of Kabah/kaaba :

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Meezab-i Rahmat in kaaba:

Meezab i Rahmat is a rainwater spout made of gold. It was added in the rebuilding of 1627 after the previous year’s rain caused three of the four walls to collapse.

Image result for mihrab al rahma gutter of kaaba
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Gutter, added in 1627 to protect the foundation from groundwater.

Al Multazam in kaaba

Al-Multazam, the roughly 2 meter space along the wall between the Black Stone and the entry door. It is sometimes considered pious or desirable for a hajji to touch this area of the Kabah, or perform dua here.

The Multazam

Maqame Ibrahim in Kaaba

The Station of Abraham (Maqam Ibrahim), a glass and metal enclosure with what is said to be an imprint of Abraham’s feet. Abraham is said to have stood on this stone during the construction of the upper parts of the Kaaba, raising Ismail on his shoulders for the uppermost parts.

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Musalla e Jibraeel in Kaaba

Musalla Jibraeel 2

Hateem of Kaaba

Hatim (also romanized as hateem) is  a low wall originally part of the Kabah. It is a semi-circular wall opposite, but not connected to, the north-west wall of the Kabah known as the hatīm. This is 90 cm (35 in) in height and 1.5 m (4.9 ft) in width, and is composed of white marble. At one time the space lying between the hatīm and the Kabah belonged to the Kabah itself, and for this reason it is not entered during the tawaf.

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Hijr Ismael in kaaba

Hijr Ismail. This was the location of the house of Prophet Ismael (A.S). He and his mother are buried here. He denied access to anyone because he did not like it to be walked on. Other prophets are buried in this place also. According to Imam Baqir (A.S), the place between Rukn and Maqam is full of graves of the Prophets. According to Imam Sadiq (A.S), seventy prophets are buried between Rukn al-Aiman and Hajar al-Aswad

Rukn e yamani in Kaaba

Rukne yamani
image of kabah

Rukn e yamani is the the right-hand side corner of the Ka’aba.This is opposite the Black Stone that is it comes before the blackstone when we are making tawaf. The Prophet (S.A.W) said “Whenever I come at this point, I find Jibrail is already there before me.” Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) said: “Rukn al-Aiman is our gate to Paradise”. He also said: “In this place is one of the doors of Paradise that has never been closed since it was opened. There is a river from Paradise in which deeds of the servants are dropped.” Also called Rukn al-Junubi. It comes before the Black Stone corner.

Kiswah of kaaba

kiswa in kabah

Kiswah is the cover of Kabah . Kiswa is a black silk and gold curtain which is replaced annually during the Hajj pilgrimage.Two-thirds of the way up is a band of gold-embroidered Quranic text, including the Shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith.

Read More details of Kiswa and how much gold and Silver it has

Watch the Changing of Kiswa

Close up view of the Wall of Kabah



And the 3D View of Kabah

image of kaabah : Image result for Al shadhrawan of kaaba

Finally.May Allah give all of us a chance to Pray here-

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