Prayer Dresses for Muslim Women; Islamic prayer clothes

Imagine a scenario where you long to meet someone you love, and you want to create a good impression on him/her. What do you do? Dress well, smell good, tidy your hair, check your breath, and wait passionately for the person. When they arrive, you are at your best. Similarly, Salah is a time when our Lord gives us a chance to meet Him. Salah is the time we present ourselves before the Lord of All Worlds, our Khaliq, our Malik, our Wali. Shouldn’t we be excited about it?

When we dress according to Shariah, perform proper wudu, use Miswak, and present ourselves before Allah with a conscious mind and a humble heart, we feel a change.

What I have observed, and what I used to do, is that I didn’t care much about my prayer dress. When I began to use a special prayer dress for my Salah, it changed many things for me. A proper dress is a crucial part of Salah. It not only covers us properly but also relieves us of the consciousness of not exposing the awrah.

If you don’t have one, I would definitely recommend getting one for yourself, either from a nearby abaya shop or online stores. These prayer dresses are not only easy to wear but also made of comfortable fabric. The prayer sets are traditionally worn over clothes for prayers, reading the Quran, or additional modesty when in groups. The best thing is that you can wear them over any Western wear or night dress (for those special night Ibadahs). 🙂

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Prayer Dresses for Muslim Women; Islamic prayer clothes 15

Here are Some samples of what a nice Muslim Prayer Dress for Woman look like . For Your convenience ,I have linked them to stores where you can get them .

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Get it in ebay

White Prayer Dress
LK2700W Embroidered Extra Long Hajj Umrah Tunic frontzoom


This can be purchased from Amazon

AJ6750W Front Open Hajj2FUmrah Abaya frontzoom
SQ8958W White Hajj Umrah Shalwar Kameez frontzoom
hijab 4

Women’s 2 Piece Prayer Set are great if you have a habit of tripping over your clothes .  This is 100% Cotton Poplin  Hijab  and has a tie string at neck to keep hijab nicely in place .The Skirt has elastic waistband . You can get it Here

HJ11875W 2 Piece Prayer Set frontzoom
cotton prayer set

This is a comfortable and practical two-piece prayer dress / hijab set. This  Thin and loose-flowing dress comes with an attached soft and wide hijab. Hijab is sewn together with the sleeves (see the picture above on how to put on a set), Get it here

long hijab

You can get this prayer dress here.

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